Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Intentional vs. Incompetent

October 12, 2015

As the world spirals out of control (and not from global climate change), there is increasing debate these days as to the role being played by Obama and his Administration in fueling the fire. To those who acknowledge that Obama's foreign policy has been a complete disaster for the United States and the free world, the debate is whether he is intentionally causing the global chaos and turmoil through his actions and policies, or whether the chaos and turmoil are the result of his foreign policy incompetence. (In addition to addressing this debate, I also hope to demonstrate that Obama's foreign policy is, in fact, a total failure for the United States and the free world.) Interestingly, more and more so-called experts and analysts are coming to the conclusion that Obama is intentionally and deliberately acting and using his policies to cause the global maelstrom we are witnessing and living in today. To them I say, welcome aboard.

In my mind, I have no doubt that Obama is intentionally sabotaging America and the free world and causing much of the chaos and turmoil we are witnessing today. Do not get me wrong, I think there is more than enough foreign policy incompetence to go around among members of his Administration. Secretary of State, John Kerry, immediately comes to mind. But Obama and many others in his Administration are successfully accomplishing what they intentionally set out to do. Let me try to substantiate my claim.

For starters, it is common knowledge that Obama vowed to fundamentally transform America and the world. These are his own words. Not mission impossible, as some people may have hoped and thought, but rather, mission accomplished. In fact, he has been extraordinarily successful and has accomplished much in a very short period of time. And, regrettably, there will be plenty more to come.

To accomplish the transformation, Obama has consistently adhered to his radical left, anti-America and anti-Israel, and pro-Muslim ideologies domestically and internationally. He has weakened America militarily, economically and socially, and successfully divided the country. He has repeatedly apologized to the world for America and what it stands for, and increasingly shows his hate for America's past. He has used his apology tours to implement his lead from behind foreign policy strategy, which has had a direct and profound adverse impact on world affairs.

Obama supported the Arab Spring debacle, leading to much of the havoc in the world today. He supported the overthrow of more moderate and secular dictatorships, such as those of Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya. In Egypt, he welcomed and, unbelievably, helped fund the radical Islamic terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which replaced Mubarak. When that terrorist organization was ousted, Obama cried foul and has refused to acknowledge the current moderate leader of Egypt, el-Sisi. The same el-Sisi who courageously spoke out at the UN about the need to combat Muslim fanaticism and extremists. Obama's actions and policies here seem much more calculated than incompetent.

On Obama's watch, we are on the verge of not one Islamic caliphate, but two. Fortunately, the two potential Islamic caliphates, Iran and the Islamic State, are competing against each other. My money is on Iran, especially as it has now strengthened its friendship with Russia. This despite the fact that Obama and his 62 country coalition have not toppled, but have actually propped up, the Islamic State while wasting tons of money training ineffective Syrian rebel groups, or, more precisely, a humiliatingly few individual rebels. After Russia and Iran strategically finish off these and other Syrian rebel groups, they likely will turn their attention to the Islamic State, which will be no match for them. Predictably, Obama will then spout off about how that was his plan to defeat the Islamic State all along and that Iran and Russia make such terrific bedfellows. The bottom line, though, is that Islamic caliphates do not just spring up by chance.

Sticking with Iran, Obama had the chance to support Iran's Green Movement, a peaceful and pro-democratic organization, when it demonstrated and protested against fraudulent elections in Iran in 2009. Instead, Obama supported the radical Islamic clerics of Iran, and sat idly by as they crushed and massacred members of the Green Movement. So, while he went out of his way to openly and vocally support the ousters of more moderate and secular leaders in Muslim countries, he was deaf, dumb and blind when it came Iran's turn notwithstanding its radical Islamic terrorist leadership. Here again, Obama's actions and policies seem much more deliberate than incompetent.

Obama has since gone out of his way to strengthen and embolden Iran, the all around most dangerous country on the planet today. He has rammed a terrible nuclear deal with Iran down the throat of the international community, particularly America, Israel and the Arab Gulf States. He touted Russia, China and the UN as proponents of the deal while ignoring the public opinion of Americans and sidestepping the United States Congress as much as possible. He is rewarding Iran with billions of dollars so that it can continue its global terrorism and belligerence while embarking on a path to develop nuclear weapons over time. Iran, an avowed enemy of America since 1979, has been recognized and elevated by Obama without having to cease or even lessen its aggression and terrorism. America has very quickly reversed, without any good reason, its foreign policy toward Iran, which has been in place for over 35 years. These types of changes, like the sudden change in relations between the United States and Cuba, result from intentional and deliberate foreign policy decisions.

Obama also has helped reverse the gains the United States made against Russia under President Reagan. Very quickly, the United States is swapping roles with the "Evil Empire". The United States and the rest of the world had benefitted from the United States' role as the foremost super power for decades, making the world a better and safer place. Now, however, with Russia poised to capitalize on Obama's strategy of leading from behind and become the most dominant super power, the world, tragically, will have to endure more havoc and upheaval.

Obama also has abandoned the long standing American policy of not allowing Russia to obtain a strong foothold in the Middle East. Russia has now established a physical presence in Syria, which will further empower Iran and its terrorist allies. This complicates matters for the United States and its allies in the region, particularly Israel, which were already living under the threat of an emboldened and rising Iran. Russia will very likely continue its sophisticated arms sales to Iran in return for some of the billions of dollars Iran is to receive under the nuclear arms agreement. So, in the immediate future, Iran will obtain more sophisticated weapons, and within a decade or so, it could, under the agreement, be legitimately on a path to develop nuclear weapons. It is not a coincidence that Russia and Iran chose to openly strengthen their ties very shortly after the agreement was concluded, thereby slapping Obama, Kerry and the Administration in the face.

I do not believe that these fundamental changes in America and the world happened by accident or incompetence, especially when the leader of the free world told you ahead of time that the changes were coming. But yet, there is even more.

Of course, Obama and Administration officials get on stage and applaud themselves over how wonderful their foreign policy strategies (when they have any) are working. But any expert, analyst or K-12 student can see through that nonsense and deceit. If we were talking solely about incompetence, by now, one would reasonably expect that Obama and Administration officials themselves also would understand the damage their policies are causing, and back off and continue to lead from behind. But when it comes to Israel, Obama's ideology will not permit that. Instead, they are obsessed with forcing Israel into a dangerous "peace" deal with the Palestinians.

If it was incompetence, people at least learn from their mistakes, whether they admit to them or not. Obama and his Administration must truly see the dangerous predicament Israel is in and how much worse the situation has become since Obama has been in office. Obama and his Administration must know that now is exactly the wrong time to be forcing Israel into a "peace" deal. Israel is doing everything it can to survive on a daily basis. It is surrounded by enemies who do not recognize its right to exist and vow its destruction, including the Palestinians. The Islamic State is infiltrating Palestinian territories. A nuclear armed Iran will be enough of a threat, but now it has an even closer presence to Israel in Syria. And it is supported there by Russia, which will make it harder for Israel to respond to Iranian aggression. Israel can ill afford to relinquish control over any of its own land.

Obama himself has taken away any incentive for the Palestinians to negotiate or make any concessions in pursuit of a two-state solution. Instead, he makes it incumbent on Israel to concede to Palestinian demands. In the recent savage and horrific wave of Palestinian terrorism throughout Israel, which has targeted all Israelis, including women and young children, Obama and his Administration have been strikingly and disgracefully silent in condemning the Palestinians. Worse yet, when the Administration makes a statement, it disgustingly equates Palestinian terrorism with Israeli defense of its innocent civilians. These statements are obviously designed to support a pre-determined policy on Israel and the Palestinians. Obama and his Administration likely will reward the Palestinian terrorism by ratcheting up their pressure on Israel. Intentional and dangerous, yes. Incompetent, no.

Despite everything going on in the world today, particularly in the Middle East, Obama is still hell-bent on forcing Israel into a bad two-state solution with the Palestinians. Why the obsession? Why not lead from behind on this issue, like in the other instances all across the globe? A good K-12 student could recognize the dangerous predicament Israel is in now and how much worse off it is as a result of Obama's policies. So why doesn't Obama and his Administration understand it and back off? The same K-12 student could explain to Obama why a two-state solution would greatly jeopardize Israel's existence. This cannot be incompetence. It is an intentional and deliberate strategy based on ideology. While they are at it, the same K-12 student also should explain to Obama and Administration officials the meaning of terrorism, as apparently they do not recognize it when they see it.

If we were to credit Obama and his Administration with only being incompetent, it is safe to say that by now they would understand their disastrous and failed foreign policy. But, that would not be giving them enough credit. As Obama promised, he is fundamentally transforming America and the world through his intentional and deliberate foreign policies. If one needs more proof, they only need to look at his obsession with Israel.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

There is Something in the Air

October 4, 2015

I know that from time to time over the years since World War II people have worried for themselves, their children and their families based on the then current events. I acknowledge that there have been many trying times and crises, and I am not downplaying any of them. But for me, a middle-aged American Jew, I believe that what we are now witnessing is different than what we have experienced in the recent past. It is something we have not seen in many decades. There is definitely something in the air. And, I am afraid, it is a dark and evil force enveloping the world.

For starters, today, evil is absolutely gushing out of radical Islam. Radical Muslims are today's Nazis and today's villains. Murder, beheadings, rape and torture are just several examples of the evil that is emanating from radical Islam. Radical Muslims are killing everyone in sight--Jews, Christians, other Muslims and members of other religions. No one is safe. Iran and the Islamic State are competing to establish Islamic caliphates. Neither is letting anything stop or impede their progress. They believe in and act with savagery and barbarity to get their way. A quarter of a million people, including women and children, have been killed in Syria alone. Chemical weapons have been used in many of these killings. There are not thousands, but millions, of refugees fleeing Muslim countries.

Seeing Iran and its terrorist proxies use missiles, rockets and now chemical weapons on innocent civilian populations, President Obama and his puppet Administration, and the international community, are rewarding Iran with a lopsided nuclear agreement that provides Iran with tons of cash and a clear and legitimate path toward nuclear weapons. As if Iran was not having enough success on its own, it is now getting another huge boost by closely partnering with Russia. The same Russia that Obama frequently pointed to as favoring the nuclear agreement with Iran to garner American support for the deal. Russia and Iran will next strengthen their presence in Iraq and embolden Iran's other terrorist proxies. Do not be fooled by the smoke and mirrors being used with the Islamic State. They are not a real threat. The only reason they have flourished is because they have been allowed to do so. The real threat is from Iran. And Iran is on a mission and on the march. The same is true of Russia.

We also have an American president who does everything he can to promote his pro-Muslim ideology while weakening America. The deal with Iran is so bad it is too hard to believe that it is really happening. But, the frightening thing is that it is done and the world already appears to have moved on. With all of the violence being committed in the Middle East and Africa by radical Muslims on a daily basis, the only country that Obama criticizes is Israel. The only leader in the world that he is tough with is Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Why exactly is that? With as much danger as Israel is in now, from within and outside of its borders, the only thing you get from Obama is his obsession with trying to force Israel into a bad and destructive peace deal with the Palestinians. If Israel defends itself, he is outspoken against Israel. If Palestinians murder Jews in cold blood, as is happening now throughout Israel, he either ignores it, blames Israel when it responds or tries to morally equate the Israelis and Palestinians. America, the foremost super power in the world up until the time of Obama, is being rendered impotent by Obama as his leading from behind really means apologizing for America's past and not leading at all.

Ok, by now you may be saying that the world has recently faced serious threats (I am focused on the period since World War II) and today only the names and faces are different. Unfortunately, I do not believe that this is the case. There is something more sinister in the air today as I will attempt to demonstrate.

To me, the world seems to be possessed. So much of the world today does not think or act logically or rationally. Common sense and reason no longer exist. It is as if the world is now on autopilot headed for a predetermined destination, unable to change its path.

It is one thing to sit idly by and watch radical Muslims rampantly kill and torture innocent people. It is quite another story though for the reaction to be an obsessive fear of Islamophobia. The real fear for Muslims should be from other Muslims. But it is not. Instead, it is a concern for the harsh treatment of Muslims by members of other religions. So let's get this straight. Radical Muslims are killing Jews, Christians, other Muslims and members of other religions at a rapid pace. This is happening all across the globe. Jews and Christians are not targeting members of any religion. But the concern of the world is over imaginary Islamophobia. It does not make any sense.

Let's focus on Israel now. It is the only democracy in the Middle East. It peacefully accepts arabs into society despite all the terrorism it has endured for decades. There are arabs in the Knesset and arab doctors, nurses and professors in Israeli society. Arab students can attend the best Israeli universities even as they preach hate of Israel. Arabs live better in Israel than they do in any Muslim country. Arabs, particularly arab women and gays, have more rights in Israel than they do in any Muslim country. Unlike in Muslim countries, Israel does not summarily execute political opponents or innocent women and gays. Israel is not invading any countries. It is not acting aggressively or belligerently. If all countries would be like Israel, we would have world peace. Let these facts digest for a while. Then consider that, defying any and all logic and reason, it is Israel that is boycotted across the globe. It is Israel that is accused of apartheid. It is Israel that is accused of being racist and intolerant. It is Israel that is condemned by the international community, including through the disgraceful and despicable UN. The only explanation for this is that there is something evil in the air.

Despite Israel's acceptance of arabs, arabs in Israel (and every other country) do not tolerate Jews and do not want any Jews in their midst. Israel is the one and only Jewish country in the world. There are approximately 1.8 billion Muslims in the world with numerous countries of their own. In Israel today, Palestinians are waging jihad against innocent Israelis--men, women and children, young and old. Cold blooded murder of Jews by arabs once again is in full swing in Israel. As this disgusting, morally reprehensible Palestinian terrorism of Jews in Israel escalates, the world sits silently. That is until Israel takes defensive measures to protect itself. Then the international community gets on its moral soapbox to condemn Israel. Again, there is no logical or rational reason for this.

Incredibly and foolishly, Israel allows the holiest site in Judaism, which happens to be located in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, to be governed by Muslims. Arabs, in turn, do not want to share this site with Jews or Christians. They are terrorizing, intimidating and harassing Jews at this site and are trying to prevent them from praying. Jews are not even allowed to move their lips there. Radical Muslims are destroying sites holy to many religions, including Islam, across the Middle East. These are the facts. Are Palestinians or Muslims condemned for any of this? No, instead the international community threatens to divide Jerusalem to ensure that the holy sites of that wonderful city are open to all. It is as if the threat to these sites comes from Israel or Jews and not Muslims. This, too, is totally twisted. It defies logic or reason.

Then there is Europe. Anti-Semitism is continuing to escalate. Most, but not all, of the violence is committed by Muslims. There is no outrage or concern though for Europe's Jews. One would think that a continent that boasts of tolerance and multiculturalism, and that is soaked with the blood of Jews going back for generations, would express some concern for its Jewish citizens. But that is hardly the case. Instead, Europe, despite its huge Muslim problem, is opening its arms   wide to Muslim refugees. Germany, of all countries, is leading the charge to flood the continent with more Muslims. Already, there have been numerous reports of violence committed by Muslim refugees. This is not surprising as there is no vetting process and radical Muslims are getting into the mix, as they vowed to do.

How does one explain this European outreach to Muslims and shunning of Jews? Why do the typical stereotypes of Jews continue in perpetuity? Only 70 years after the Holocaust, the world has already forgotten. Anti-Semitism, somewhat dormant for a period of time, is again rearing its ugly head. But why? What have the Jews done now? They have done nothing wrong, yet evil is again in the air.

Returning to the United States and Obama, who would have thought we would be in the situation we are in now? After suffering too many terrorist attacks from radical Muslims ourselves, particularly 9/11, who could have predicted that America would have a president with an obsessive pro-Muslim ideology who embraces radical Islamists, while condemning Israel, Jews and Christians and fostering and promoting their plight? Who would have expected the policies of American leadership to lead to an abandoning of Israel, competition for Islamic caliphates and Russia pushing the United States out of the Middle East? How could it have happened so quickly? Then again, how could America be totally transformed so quickly? When did we become a country that fights for granting illegal immigrants full benefits and rights, but let's its veterans rot without saying a word or lifting a finger? When did we start marching and protesting for the benefits and rights of illegal immigrants, but staying silent when innocent Americans are killed by illegal immigrants with criminal records? When did we go to war against our law enforcement and when did it become acceptable to resist arrest? When did we become a country that has presidential candidates who feel the need to apologize for saying all lives matter instead of only black lives matter? And when did America decide that it was perfectly acceptable to tolerate and promote a racist, intimidating hate group? All of this too is illogical and irrational. That the United States has been transformed so quickly, when so few saw it coming and many are still in denial, also strongly suggests that there is something evil in the air.

The reader, if he or she did not know any better, might think that as a Jew, I am speaking for and making the case made by all Jews. After all, you generally cannot get a Muslim to criticize another Muslim. If radical Muslims kill Jews, other Muslims try to justify their behavior, even in terrorist attacks. There has been silence from Muslims on Muslim killings of Christians and members of other religions too. Muslims do not even denounce the killings of other Muslims. So Jews, too, must be united, especially since they have the moral, Biblical, historical and factual high ground, right? Incredibly, while Muslims are united and support each other no matter what atrocities they commit, Jews could not be more divided. Liberal Jews choose to ignore these relevant factors. Instead, they look for the faults in their fellow Jews and Israel. They engage in painful, agonizing, dangerous and ignorant self-examination and introspection. They ignore any and all extenuating circumstances, such as Muslim violence, Palestinian terrorism and a history of attempts to annihilate the Jewish people. The surprising thing is that many of these Jews are smart, educated people. The best of them lack common sense and are naive, while the worst of them should be viewed as collaborators. That Muslims stand together, while Jews bicker, fight and put each other in greater danger despite their tragic history, also is illogical and irrational.

Scholars and historians look back on the Holocaust and have many questions that eerily cannot be answered. For instance, Germany was a highly cultured, educated and civil society. In fact, Germans prided themselves on that. Germany's Jews had assimilated and most considered themselves more German than Jew. They contributed in every way possible to German society. What could they have possibly done wrong? The answer is that they did not do anything wrong. So the next common question for scholars and historians is what drove doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, journalists, students, clergy, etc. in a highly civilized society to commit the most sadistic genocide of a people that the world has ever seen? Another question, how could fathers of children butcher and kill innocent parents of other children, and the innocent parents and children of those parents? Another question, how could mothers take their children to watch the cold blooded murder of innocent Jews and sing, laugh and cheer as it was going on as if they were at an entertainment event? How could the murderers sing, laugh and cheer both during and after these gruesome atrocities? How could they face their families knowing what they had done? To these questions, there are no answers. It was as if Germany and much of the world was possessed. One reads about and can readily imagine that, at the time, there was something in the air for Jews in Germany and other European countries. Some sensed the evil in the air early on, more did over time and many when it was too late.

Like at the time leading up to and during the Holocaust, Jews today are accused of many wrongs. Today, it is not enough to only be Anti-Semitic. One also needs to try to crush and destroy Israel as it serves as a safe haven for Jews today. At least, that is one of its designed purposes. In fact, Anti-Semitism today is often disguised as a bashing of Israel. Jews back in the time of the Holocaust were innocent. But what about today, is there anything to the claims of the international community? After all, Israel by far is the most vile offender in the UN, right? If I am sure about anything in my life, I totally believe and say with total confidence that Jews today are as innocent as they were at the time of the Holocaust and Israel should be celebrated and praised for what it stands for and how it survives each and every day.

But, as we unfortunately know, innocence and being a beacon of light does not always lead to survival. It also takes strength and that is one of the reasons why Israel exists today, to be strong, to welcome persecuted Jews from throughout the world and to protect its citizens. Israel is trying, but for some deceitful reason or another, it faces the wrath of the international community. I hope that I am wrong, but in the chaotic times we are living in, with the total lack of logic and reason for what we are witnessing, I am afraid that there is something in the air. And it is not good. It is evil.