Saturday, December 12, 2015

Let's Save the FBI a Lot of Trouble

December 3, 2015

News reports claim that the FBI is investigating whether yesterday's massacre in San Bernardino was an act of terrorism. One need only listen to the latest news updates to know that it is. To be more specific, it is another act of terrorism committed by radical Muslims in America. This should not be one of the more challenging cases for the FBI. But they should do a proper investigation. That would be in contrast to Obama and liberals who heard of a report of a shooting at a workplace and immediately and disgracefully jumped on the workplace violence and gun control bandwagon.

This behavior from Obama is understandable. If only every terrorist would get a job at the targeted location before committing his or her violent act, Obama could claim that he totally solved the terrorism problem. Even better for him, and consistent with his liberal ideological views, he will, as he attempted to do yesterday, try to shift the blame for workplace violence to the lack of gun control in this country. So, according to his twisted, radical ideology, it is not fundamental Islamic terrorism, but rather workplace violence, which is the result of the lack of gun control laws, that is to blame. His liberal minions, as always, are championing his cause. How predictable, despicable, deceptive and troublesome.

In immediately coming out to blame the savage killings in San Bernardino on the lack of gun control and workplace violence, Obama, true to form, outright lied to the country. His lies are becoming more and more blatant and this behavior will continue as he relentlessly pursues his radical ideologies. These mass shootings only happen in America, and a lack of gun control is to blame, according to Obama. How outrageous and blatant the lie. A harsh slap in the face to reasonable and rational people. Sadly, however, many people believe or want to believe Obama, and liberals immediately support his lies. The fact is that terrorist acts are being committed by radical Islamists every day all over the world, in places with and without strict gun control laws.

Look at what is happening in Israel on a daily basis. Thankfully, most of the the Islamic terrorists attacking innocent Israelis every day do not have access to guns, but resort to whatever weapons they can get hold of. I suppose Obama thinks Israel has a knife control problem. And that the Sinai, where the Islamic State shot down a Russian civilian plane, has an air traffic control problem.

Did Obama already forget about the mass shooting in Paris? Does pretending it did not happen mean it really did not happen? Of course not. More and more we are seeing brazen terrorist attacks committed by radical Islamists all over the world, including in the United States. But Obama cannot admit this because it conflicts with his pro-Muslim, anti-West ideology.

As the world's spiral out of control accelerates, I have listened to experts, analysts, journalists, etc. criticize Obama and his policies. (I speak here, obviously, of those with conservative views; not liberals who still cling to Obama and his policies.) They actually have the analysis correct about Obama's failed policies. But then I enjoy listening to them try to respond to the question of why Obama is doing what he is doing. Some get frustrated, some exasperated, while others simply admit that they do not understand or have no answer. Others engage in psychoanalysis. Some go into a deep philosophical analysis. It is as if they are not capable of seeing the truth right in front of them or, more likely, they are afraid of admitting the truth for fear of being labeled politically incorrect, something they claim to loathe. So much for free speech.

When will people wake up and see the obvious? Isn't there something wrong in that Obama still refuses to acknowledge that the terrorists, even in the United States, are radical Islamists? No, not every Muslim, no one is saying that, despite Obama and liberals always speciously making that claim in their defense. Obama is more concerned with his exaggerated Islamophobia fears than real threats to Americans.

Forget "ISIL", as Obama refers to that terrorist group. The real name of that terrorist group is the "Islamic State". But Obama cannot even call the group by its name or for what it is. We still hear him spout off about the 65 country coalition to fight the Islamic State. So 65 countries, let alone the U.S. by itself, cannot defeat the Islamic State? Countries with an air force (here many countries) should easily dispose of small groups like the Islamic State if they tried even a little. But the picture becomes clearer when you hear of reports about Obama not letting our military do its job. Of not allowing our planes, which are flying far too few sorties to begin with, drop their payloads. Then you learn that Obama did not allow strategic targets like oil fields to be hit for fear of environmental damage. And incredibly, that he gave Islamic State fighters 45 minutes of advance notice before bombing certain sites.

People can search for all the reasons and explanations they want. Obama's pro-Muslim, anti-West ideology is the only answer that stacks up and makes sense. How else can someone, putting liberal nuts like Bernie Sanders aside, blame climate change for terrorism. So which is it, lack of gun control or climate change, or both? Funny thing is, if there were refugees who we knew for sure were good, innocent and law-abiding people who really wanted to come to America and assimilate but some had licensed guns, you could bet Obama and his liberal cohorts would prevent them from coming in because they posed too great a danger to the American people. Not so, however, with Muslim refugees who pose a legitimate threat.

Jewish organizations were recently "outraged" that Obama did not acknowledge the murder of a Jewish American citizen in Israel by Palestinian terrorists. They think they scored a major victory in pressuring the White House to issue a statement on the matter. To them I say, wake up. Obama's silence in the case of the murdered young Jewish American should not have been a surprise. The most that could have been expected were a few empty and meaningless words. Obama's real concern, which he offers unsolicitedly, is for Palestinian terrorists who are killed by Israelis in self-defense.

Obama is now, very predictably, poised to start easing sanctions on Iran, which likely will start in January. I still maintain my position--do not be fooled by the Islamic State. Sure, they can continue to grow if left unchallenged and unhindered, but the real threat to America, Israel and civilization is from Iran. The Islamic State is but a distraction. A very effective one, and one of many in Obama's toolbox of distractions.

America has been severely divided by Obama and his radical ideologies. This has led to the rise of Presidential candidates like Donald Trump, who is very outspoken against fundamental Islamic terrorism. So much so, that he is calling for very strong measures against Muslims in America. One has to wonder which view will prevail and what that means for America. The more Obama blatantly lies to Americans and fosters the growth of radical Islamic terrorism, particularly in this country, though, the more likely his policies will be rejected.

Coming back to the radical Islamic terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, let's see how long it takes for the FBI to reach the right conclusion, assuming they are allowed to do so. I think they have enough evidence to support a conclusion now, and it is not workplace violence, gun control or climate change.