Monday, March 30, 2015

Glass Ceilings or Iron Domes

March 29, 2015

Today, there is a growing dichotomy between liberal Jews, or those on the left on the political spectrum, and conservative Jews, or those on the right of the political spectrum. Liberal Jewry has a social progressive agenda as its main priority. We will include liberal Jews in the Glass Ceilings camp for our purposes here. Conservative Jewry sees its main mission as protecting and defending Jews around the globe and ensuring the survival of Israel. They fall within the Iron Domes camp.

For the Glass Ceiling Jews, social injustices are the biggest problems that need to be addressed. This has been true of the large population of liberal American Jews and a vacillating number of Israeli Jews for years. Even though Prime Minister Netanyahu recently won reelection, there appears to be a significant and even growing number of far-left Israelis. Equal pay and opportunity for women and minorities, diversity and inclusion are the latest specific causes that these Jews champion. Whether in America or Israel, the wars against women and income inequality are the wars that merit fighting by Glass Ceiling Jews. Social issues trump all others for Glass Ceiling Jews.

Iron Dome Jews have far different priorities than their Glass Ceiling brothers and sisters. Iron Dome Jews do not condone or advocate for gender or racial inequality, but they also do not view those issues as having the same level of importance as the safety and security of the world or the very survival of Israel. They recognize the grave threats posed by a nuclear-armed Iran and anxiously realize that that is the short path we are on. To make matters even worse, they see Iran aggressively pursuing its mission to establish a Shia Islamic caliphate. Iran has most recently gained a foothold in Iraq and Yemen to complement the other countries in the Middle East where it has a significant influence, such as Syria and Lebanon. They also have a presence in other countries in the Middle East and Africa. There are recent reports of Iran having growing interests in Latin America. While some Glass Ceiling Jews still decry the British Empire of the past and falsely propagate the lie of modern U.S. and Israeli colonialism, we are witnessing the very real global rise of Shia Islam through Iran. Allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons also would spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. The only saving grace for Iron Dome Jews who see the carnage and chaos rapidly spreading in the region, and fear an all out civil war between Sunnis and Shia Muslims, is that there are no nuclear weapons involved. Fear of a global conflagration if Middle Eastern countries were to possess and have the ability to use nuclear arms is not at all unreasonable.

Iron Dome Jews are shocked by the inhumanity of radical Islamic terrorists. Savage and barbaric acts are committed routinely in the name of radical Islam. News reports, which now seem to be daily, of atrocities committed by radical Islamists have become the norm. IS is competing with Iran to establish a caliphate, only in the case of IS, it would be Sunni not Shia. Radical Islamists are frequently committing violent acts of terrorism around the globe. To be sure, there is no part of the world that is free from these malevolent threats.

Iron Dome Jews are concerned about the dangers posed to all of mankind by these threats, not just to Jews. These Jews understand that the religious fanaticism of radical Islam targets all "non-believers", not only Jews. Innocent Muslims, Christians and Jews are all being slaughtered by radical Islamic terrorists.

While concerned for the safety and security of all of civilization, Iron Dome Jews worldwide are increasingly worried about the specific existential threats faced by Israel. Iran, even without nuclear weapons, has vowed to annihilate Israel. Iran supplies its terrorist armies Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon and Gaza, respectively, with rockets and missiles, which are becoming more and more sophisticated and capable of reaching deeper into Israel. Both Hezbollah and Hamas have used these rockets and missiles against Israel, seeking to inflict as many casualties and as much damage as possible, to fulfill the shared goal of "wiping Israel off of the map". Based on past practice and current initiatives and declarations, there should be little doubt that a nuclear-armed Iran would strike to accomplish its mission of destroying Israel.

Unfortunately, there is even more evil that surrounds (literally) Israel. There are reports of numerous radical Islamic terrorist groups in the Golan Heights and the Sinai, some linked to Iran and some to IS. The problem is so severe that even Egypt is engaged in a very real battle with terrorists in Sinai, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt also is fighting Hamas. The same Hamas that provoked a war with Israel this past summer. Hezbollah has and can strike at any time. There is increasing unrest in the West Bank as its leaders, representing Fatah, united with Hamas almost a year ago. More and more terrorist attacks are committed by Palestinians against Jews in Jerusalem. A two-state solution is more ominous now for Israel than it has ever been. Not only does Israel not have a partner for peace, but radical Islamic terrorist groups would be falling all over themselves to gain control over any territory that Israel relinquishes in the West Bank. This type of mistaken withdrawal and resulting terrorist takeover has been happening repeatedly. Israel can not afford to make this same mistake. Such a mistake for Israel would spell its demise.

Iron Dome Jews also are frightened by the dramatic rise of global Anti-Semitism, something that unfortunately is not new. This escalation of Anti-Semitism is not limited to any one area. Anti-Semitic attacks and events are being reported virtually everywhere. Although Muslims are leading the Anti-Semitic charge, it is by no means limited to them. Iron Dome Jews see this global rise in Anti-Semitism, at a time when marauding and predatory radical Islamic terrorists are being given free rein, as both perplexing and perturbing.

Glass Ceiling Jews in the United States fawn all over President Obama. They idolize him for his social progressive ideology, which, as has been explained, is their priority above any and all others. He is the general fighting the wars against women, minorities and income inequality, among others. Iron Dome Jews, in contrast, view Obama as a core part of the problem. They agree that he is leading the fight in these social progressive areas. They see him as leading one other important war, but cannot comprehend why it is a fight against Israel and not radical Islam. Nor can they comprehend why he is so warm and fuzzy with Islam, but has displayed acrimony for Christians and Jews. With radical Islamic terrorists beheading, torturing, maiming and brutalizing innocent people of all religions he offers empty canned words at best. Yet, he passionately and emotionally demonizes Israel and, by implication, Israeli Jews. He has no strategy or sense of urgency to combat radical Islam, but he was already recalibrating, or perhaps a more appropriate term would be resetting, his strategy with Israel the day after the Israeli elections. Iron Dome Jews recognize that this resetting does not bode well for Israel. Despite all common sense and totally disregarding how one ally should treat another, Obama seems hell-bent on forcing Israel into a two-state solution without a peace partner and at the worst possible time. As it would not be a truly negotiated two-state solution, it would have the added deleterious effects of being a very one-sided solution totally in favor of the Palestinians to the great sorrow of Israelis.

These horrific threats to Israel and Jews just do not seem to matter much to the Glass Ceiling Jews. In America, the Glass Ceiling Jews promote their liberal causes domestically in an effort to transform the country more to their liking. But worse, they also want to team up with the Glass Ceiling Jews in Israel and around the world, and other leftists and Muslims, to impose their liberal ideology on Israeli Jews. Listening to these Glass Ceiling Jews, one hears the emotional outcry for the social plight of women and arabs in Israel. Interestingly, they do not voice concern for these groups in any other country in the world, or even in the Middle East. They are all too willing to single out Israel and its Jews for their alleged discriminatory and prejudicial behavior.

The Iron Dome Jews recognize that women and minorities, including arabs, have far more rights and are treated far better in Israel than any other country in the Middle East and most countries around the globe. Arabs have better educational and employment opportunities in Israel than they have in any other Middle Eastern country. They are allowed to vote in Israeli elections and even hold offices across the political spectrum. Iron Dome Jews appreciate that this is the case with respect to arabs notwithstanding the danger and threat that some of them pose to Israelis. They are proud of the fact that while Hamas was trying to kill as many innocent Jews as possible in their war with Israel, Israelis were treating injured Palestinians medically in an effort to save them. While Muslims are killing Muslims in Syria, it is Israel that is providing medical treatment to them. Israel is not invading any other country. It is not provoking any wars. It is not threatening to wipe any country off of the map. In fact, it is not threatening any country at all. While Muslims are increasingly killing each other and Muslim countries are expanding their wars with each other, Israel only wants peace. Had it had a true partner for peace, ever, there would be peace. Yet, to Obama and his Administration and Glass Ceiling Jews it is Israel that is the problem.

For liberal Jews, whether in America or Israel, above them they see glass ceilings that are meant to be broken. The United States and Israel are cruel countries that intentionally oppress and suppress their women and minorities. For Glass Ceiling Jews, there is no relativeness; it is all about absoluteness and, on that level, the United States and Israel fail miserably. The fact that these countries are the best in the world, including for their treatment of women and minorities, is irrelevant. No other threats, dangers or injustices in the world matter. History also is irrelevant. There is nothing to be learned from prior atrocities committed against Jews or any other people. And there is nothing to be gleaned from changing world events. The fact that alliances are changing in ways that just a few years earlier would have been unfathomable is ignored. It does not matter that Israel and many Arab countries are now publicly aligned, while the Obama and his Administration are siding with radical Islam. Glass Ceiling Jews would sacrifice having Israel continue to be the one Jewish country if it would only conform, or transform, to their image of a democracy. As if Israel would continue to exist in such a way for any meaningful length of time.

For conservative Jews, above them are iron domes. The iron domes tell a different story. One that is reality, as disheartening and sobering as it may be. But like it or not, it is how it has to be. As long as there is evil in this world, as long as Israel's existence is threatened every single day, Iron Dome Jews will give thanks for and support the iron domes. The continued existence of Israel and world Jewry are their priority.

On a more literal level, glass ceilings are weak. They are unable to withstand much force or pressure. They are easily broken and shattered. Iron domes represent strength. They are not used for aggression. They have and, G-d willing, will continue to protect Israel for as long as needed.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Obama Hype and Tripe

March 26, 2015

It is very painful for me to listen to President Obama when he speaks. I can barely stomach just about anything that he has to say. The lies, the deceit, the arrogance. It is all Obama tripe. But I try to force myself to listen to him in an attempt to understand what he is thinking and predict what devious actions he has planned for us next. As difficult as this is for me, I know that it is important because I see him destroying America in his self-proclaimed desire to fundamentally transform the country. So suffer I do in trying to tolerate listening to this lying narcissist. It is when he uses two of his most arrogant platitudes, however, that I lose the battle and throw in the towel. Obama, who obviously dislikes America and vows to change it, and who has severely divided our citizens in trying to do so, has the nerve to preach on behalf of the country that his actions are always "the right thing to do" and demonstrate to the world that "that is who we are". Mr. President, your twisted, upside down and frightening views of America and the world will never allow you to tell me what is right and what is wrong, or to define our great country.

Obama, in fact, is an expert at doing the wrong thing and does not like who we really are. The true America does not lead from behind. America leads. Period. We do not treat our best allies and their leaders as our worst enemies and our worst enemies and their leaders as our best friends. The president of this great country should not be bowing and apologizing to the leaders of hostile regimes while humiliating the leaders of our allies, especially based on his ideological beliefs. Enabling our worst enemy and the world's foremost state-sponsor of terrorism to become a nuclear power is not the right thing to do. Americans are proud of this nation's history no matter how much Obama and his Administration try to retell, rewrite and recast it to their liking.

Continually reassuring your ally that you have its back and then putting a knife in it is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

Facilitating the establishment of a savage and uncivilized Islamic caliphate (two opposing forces are actually competing to see which will be successful), and allowing violent radical Islamic terrorists to run rampant around the globe, is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

The wars on women and wages, contrary to popular liberal misconception, are not our biggest threats. Fighting real wars through social media will not make up for decimating our military branches, which are at their lowest operating levels in decades. Tweeting and texting will not save us from our enemies. Being weak is not who we are.

We have a constitutional framework upon which this country was built. Having a president govern as if he is a dictator and shunning the other branches of government is not who we are. We do not go to the United Nations in lieu of Congress, particularly to approve a nuclear deal with the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world. Our members of Congress have been elected by and represent the American people. We all have a right to know what is contained in the agreement, before it is too late. We do not care what the prejudicial or discriminatory United Nations says or does.

We cherish our First Amendment rights. To silence and intimidate those who disagree with the radical liberal views of Obama and his Administration is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

Our right to bear arms is governed by the Second Amendment. To try to abolish this right of average Americans while allowing weapons to be supplied to Mexican drug cartels and left uncontrolled in the hands of domestic gangs is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

As we have painfully learned from our past, dividing the country along racial, gender and economic lines is not the right thing to do. Nor is constantly playing the race card. We support and are proud of our law enforcement and we certainly do not find them guilty without due process of the law. No amount of pressure from the far-left U.S. media should ever change that.

We support and are proud of our military personnel. When their families are threatened on our soil by radical Islamic terrorists, we come to their defense. We do not warn them to be careful and hang them out to dry on their own. Of course, the right thing to do is first acknowledge that we are at war with radical Islam and not Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. Showing our vets our appreciation through a campaign of neglect and ignorance is the wrong thing to do and is not who we are.

Abandoning our ambassador and other embassy personnel in Libya, or any other foreign country, to be massacred by Islamic terrorists and then lying about what caused it is not the right thing to do nor is it who we are.

We need an honest and impartial attorney general that is willing to fight against corruption, regardless of the political party involved. Had we had that, it is very likely that more than one of the frequent Administration scandals, such as the VA, Benghazi and IRS scandals, would have had consequences. Instead, we reward and promote those involved in the scandals. That is not the right thing to do, nor is that who we are. Our government agencies are meant to be kept independent and separate, not to target and punish the Administration's "enemies", who are considered to be anyone who disagrees with Obama.

Having the government usurp the traditional role of parents is not the right thing to do. The government has repeatedly proven that they do not know what is best when it comes to most matters. Responsible parents generally know what is best for their kids. The nanny state is not who we are. Stay out of our lives.

Freeing five hard core radical Islamic terrorists in return for an army deserter, while letting a well-respected marine guilty only of making a wrong turn into Mexico languish in a Mexican prison is not who we are. And just to educate Obama and his Administration, desertion does not mean serving with honor and distinction.

We are a nation of laws. Illegal immigration is illegal. It is not that difficult to understand. Again, the president is not king in our country. He cannot change laws without going through Congress. Instead, it is the duty of the president to protect Americans, not illegal immigrants. Secure the border already. There is too much risk of infiltration by terrorists to be so willing to sacrifice the security of our people. That is the right thing to do.

Health care is a privilege, not a right. Passing laws without knowing what they say or mean is not the right thing to do. Making false claims and promises resulting in some people obtaining insurance coverage at the expense of others also is not the right thing to do. I do not want to nor should I have to pay for anyone else's birth control. An inept rollout of the new program is not a good reflection of who we are.

We are not a communist or socialist country. In fact, that is absolutely who we are not. Those  Americans who pay taxes are continually redistributing their wealth. Having half of the country pay taxes to support the other half who do not pay any taxes is not sustainable and is not the right thing to do. Viewing the half that does not pay anything as somehow "paying their fair share", while those who do pay as not "paying their fair share", more Obama tripe, is as backwards as Obama's foreign policy. Americans should be motivated to work hard and better themselves and their families. It is not a crime to be successful. Instead, we are incentivizing Americans to stay home and have other Americans support them.

Continuous spending and burying our kids in debt is not the right thing to do. Where does all that money go anyway? Fraud is illegal and we have a rapidly growing problem in our country. Why not crack down on those criminals? We should not tolerate wasteful spending. Why not stop it?  Why not do the right thing and combat those obvious problems instead of continuously robbing from hard-working Americans?

Taking all of the credit for something good and blaming your predecessor for all of your own mistakes is not the right thing to do.

Swearing transparency and then operating in fog and clouds is not the right thing to do.

We need a media that is honest and truthful. Not one that supports everything that Obama and his Administration do and covers up for their lies and scandals. If and when we return to that, then that will be who we are. Given the distorted liberal views and bias of most of our media today, I am not very optimistic. At the same time, American universities are indoctrinating our kids with their far-left beliefs. Political correctness has been taken to the extreme and jeopardizes the fabric and security of America.

Obama, as the President of the United States, certainly has more of a right to speak on behalf of the country than I do. Unlike Obama though, I am not arrogant enough to pretend to be speaking on behalf of the entire nation as I admit that there are many people who will disagree with my beliefs. But I do know that there are many people who share my vision and who would love to see America fundamentally transformed back into what it was before Obama was the one to determine what is "the right thing to do" and define "who we are". It is for these like-minded Americans who also love and are proud of this country that I hope I have spoken for.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Midnight Cowboy, the Black Belt and the Fox


March 22, 2015

Once again, actor Jon Voight, co-star of the 1969 classic film Midnight Cowboy, has spoken out in support of Israel. Mr. Voight has been an advocate of various Jewish causes over the years and he is a staunch supporter of both the Jewish people and Israel. So much so that people question whether he is Jewish. He is not. But his loyalty and dedication to the Jewish people and Israel are highly commendable. Most recently, he supported Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last week's Israeli elections. People support different candidates all the time, so this in and of itself was not so noteworthy. Rather, it was Mr. Voight's true sincerity, concern and respect for the Jewish people and Israel that is so admirable.

Mr. Voight obviously understands the danger that Israel and the Jewish community are facing worldwide. He appreciates the malevolent threats to them posed by radical Islam, global Anti-Semitism, and Obama and his Administration. He supported Israel during its war over the summer with Hamas, the radical Islamic terrorist group that rules the Palestinians in Gaza. At a time when much of Hollywood and Obama and his Administration were ignorantly disparaging of Israel, he responded strongly in defense of Israel. He has been highly critical of Obama and his Administration and, like many people, believes they are not acting in the best interests of America or Israel. It is against this backdrop that Mr. Voight's support of Prime Minister Netanyahu is so important and meaningful. He recognized that Mr. Netanyahu is the right person to lead Israel at this precarious time and was not afraid to say so.

Another actor and a martial arts expert, Chuck Norris, also backed Mr. Netanyahu in his election bid. Mr. Norris, like Mr. Voight, supported Mr. Netanyahu and Israel for the right reasons. He recognizes the same dangers and risks and is worried for the safety and security of Israel and the Israeli people. He too believes Mr. Netanyahu is the right man to lead the country and was not afraid to express his beliefs.

And then there is Fox News. While the anchors and reporters of other major U.S. news networks covered Mr. Netanyahu's victory as if they were attending a funeral, the anchors and reporters at Fox News did not. This is not surprising. The other major news networks, and the media overall,  pledge their unwavering allegiance to Obama. As Obama views Mr. Netanyahu and Israel as Public Enemy Number One, the liberal media has to follow suit. And they sure have. A leftist government in Israel would be far more palatable for them. Hence, their utter disappointment with Mr. Netanyahu's decisive victory. As Fox News personnel recognize and regularly report on the danger posed by radical Islamic terrorist groups, they, like Messrs. Voight and Norris, were not terribly disappointed to see Mr. Netanyahu win the Israeli election. In fact, their overall coverage of Israel and the rise of global Anti-Semitism is the total opposite of the other networks. It can be simply put as very pro-Israel and pro-Jew, which is in stark contrast to the other networks.

So what motivates the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox to speak out on behalf of Jews and Israel? I think they are doing what they truly believe is the right thing to do. To them and many other people, Public Enemy Number One is not the Jews or Israel. They recognize that today the biggest threat to humanity, including Jews, Christians and Muslims, is radical Islam. And this threat is viewed as being exacerbated, not curtailed or contained by, Obama and his Administration.

It is just about a daily occurrence now that innocent people are being murdered, maimed and tortured by any of a growing number of radical Islamic terrorist groups. Obama and his Administration do not seem to be concerned about these atrocities, and they refuse to even name the problem. We may be on the verge of entering into a cataclysmic nuclear deal with Iran, but Obama and his Administration do not tolerate any dissenting views, whether from the U.S. Congress or anxious leaders of allies. Instead, Obama and his Administration are apoplectic about the Israeli elections because Mr. Netanyahu tried appealing to his constituents. They cite his "racist" remarks in trying to get his supporters out to vote. Putting aside the fact that they are too dishonest to acknowledge that Obama has divided the United States by appealing overwhelmingly to his supporters while alienating many other Americans, they also choose to ignore why Mr. Netanyahu said what he did in appealing to his base. Apparently, it was perfectly acceptable for foreign groups, including one alleged to have ties to the Obama Administration, to go to Israel to influence the Israeli elections by urging minorities to show up at the polls and vote against Mr. Netanyahu. Mr. Netanyahu noted the campaigning efforts against him by these foreign groups, which included some Islamists, and asked his constituents to make sure they voted as well. A good portion of the minorities included Israeli Arabs. Of course, Mr. Obama and his Administration would love to see Israeli Arabs in the majority in Israel so that there would not be any Jewish state, but Israel is and always will be a Jewish state, notwithstanding the best efforts to the contrary of Obama and his Administration.

Obama and his Administration also were enraged by Mr. Netanyahu's statement before the election that he no longer could support a two-state solution with the Palestinians. Obama and his minions prefer to ignore the fact that, as Mr. Netanyahu explained, Israel does not have a partner for peace. They pretend it is all the fault of Israel. Mr. Netanyahu also explained that the region is far too volatile now and any void resulting from a full break of Israeli ties with the West Bank would very likely be filled by Islamic extremists, posing a grave danger to Israel. Although this is a perfectly reasonable position and is simple common sense given what is taking place in the region, reasonableness and common sense are irrelevant to Obama and his lackeys. And that should not be surprising based on their abandonment of Israel in connection with the proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

Mr. Netanyahu's statements were very convenient for Obama and his Administration. They immediately set the course to develop a new strategy for their ties with Israel and refused to accept any clarification or explanation from Mr. Netanyahu. Again, in this upside down world of Obama and his Administration, Mr. Netanyahu, Jews and Israel are the bad guys, not the radical Islamic terrorists and not Iran, the biggest enemy of the United States for years. Because they know that good and bad have been flipped upside down, the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox support Mr. Netanyahu, Jews and Israel.

One other thing is for sure. Messrs. Voight and Norris and personnel at Fox News certainly do not support the Jewish community because of how they are treated in turn by Jews, particularly liberal American Jews. Liberal American Jews for some reason prefer to continue to support Obama and his Administration. Why is it that I can relate much more to the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox than to my fellow American Jews (those that are liberal)? Liberal American Jews, many of whom claim to love Israel, constantly complain about Fox News. Leftist American and Israeli media outlets had harsh things to say about Messrs. Voight and Norris. Every time Obama and his Administration take an additional punitive action against Jews or Israel, I tell myself that now, finally, liberal American Jews will get it, they will see and understand what really is going on. But not to be. I am continually disappointed. And because they continue to support Obama, they stick by the liberal domestic media outlets that are in Obama's pocket. Media outlets that constantly bash and degrade Israel. Why do they blindly follow Obama? What, if anything, will it take to make them see the light?

Do these Jews really think that Israel and its Jews are the evil ones and the Palestinians and radical Muslims are the good ones? Do they understand the difference between right and wrong? Do they know or care to know about the history of the Holy Land, from Biblical times, to the creation of the modern state of Israel, to present day? When has modern day Israel ever had a true partner for peace with any Palestinian leaders? Did these Jews ever study the Shoah? Do they see the risks that the worldwide Jewish community in general and Israel in particular face today? Do they see any similarities to the Shoah? Why is Obama and his Administration silent on, even dismissive of, the terrorism committed by Palestinians in Israel, most recently in Jerusalem, and the rapid growth of worldwide Anti-Semitism? He also is silent on the atrocities committed in the name of fundamental Islam. But he is outspoken and critical of Jews trying to live a normal, peaceful life in Israel and is outraged because he believes Israel is a racist country. Do liberal Jews really believe that in their hearts? Which country in the region offers more rights and opportunities to minorities, women, homosexuals...the list can go on and on? In what Muslim countries do Jews hold senior political positions? Which countries is Israel looking to conquer or assert its influence through aggression? Which countries does Israel threaten to wipe off the map. Which countries does it indiscriminately shoot rockets and missiles into, trying to inflict maximum civilian casualties? Did unilaterally and unconditionally giving Gaza to the Palestinians help or hurt Israel? Did Israel have a true peace partner then? Do they now? Did the international community support Israel after they relinquished control of Gaza and faced increased terrorist attacks as a thank you? Who is currently a bigger ally to Israel, Obama or El-Sisi, the leader of Egypt? And last, but not least, do these Jews ever study the Torah? These are but a mere fraction of the similar type of questions that could be asked. Hopefully, the point is made. Liberal Jews in America and worldwide should ask themselves these questions and answer them honestly. I do not know how they would be able to answer them honestly and knowledgeably and still stick to their current positions. Israel is faced with an existential threat every day. We should not, we must not, take its survival for granted.

Liberal Jews worldwide, and particularly in the United States, need to stop acting irresponsibly. Israel has its hands full with its enemies, and there are more than enough of them to go around. It does not need the constant critical introspection from liberal Jews. Now is a very important time in our history, the history of the Jewish people and Israel. This should not be taken lightly. Liberal Jews should do some soul searching of their own and determine where they stand. It is far too easy for them to claim that they support Israel while having the right to complain about it unmercifully. They really need to think about what their complaints entail. Do they outweigh the risks Israel now faces from a potential nuclear-armed Iran, fundamental Islamic terrorist groups and a hostile United States president and administration? Are the damage and danger caused by these complaints to Jews caught in the fire of rising global Anti-Semitism worth it? Are there no better, more just causes to champion, such as stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons or IS from slaughtering innocent people? These liberals, all Jews actually, should memorialize where they stand. Are they full of passion and emotion in support of Israel or do they want to continue to jump on the worldwide bandwagon and sit with the other passengers, including Obama, who want to tear it down? I, as a Jew, an American Jew, stand with Messrs. Voight and Norris and Fox News in total support of Israel, Israelis and worldwide Jewry. I love America, but I do not trust or support Obama or his Administration. Here it is in writing.

All Jews should come together at this time in support of their brothers and sisters in Israel and around the globe. There needs to be more unified leadership and a more unified community. Various Jewish organizations should come together now to address these pressing issues. I am afraid that not every Jew will be on the side I have chosen, but the ones that are, that truly support Israel and understand the existential threat it faces, should devote themselves to the cause in any and every way possible.

I would like to close by thanking the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox for their continued support of Jews and Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Good Morning Iran!

March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015

Now that the Israeli election is over, and Prime Minister Netanyahu has had a resounding victory, I am humored by all of the talk that he and Obama need to reconcile and move forward. This suggestion, well-intentioned as it is by many commentators, is very naive. In fact, it totally misses the mark. While Obama may dislike Mr. Netanyahu personally, as many suggest, the real issue is one of ideology not personality. And Obama's ideology is radically left, pro-Muslim, anti-Israel and anti-U.S., one that Mr. Netanyahu understandably does not share. Obama is critical of, and looks to quash, anyone who does not share his radical views. Look at the despicable way he has treated Mr. Netanyahu (and Israel) for years, including during Israel's war over the summer with Hamas, and his shameful and disgraceful actions since the election ended. He shows the same contempt for American law enforcement. He refuses to compromise or work with Republicans, whether or not they control Congress. In addressing these matters, he is full of arrogance, anger and resentment. In contrast, he warmly embraces anyone or any group that shares his ideology. He has continuously reached out to the worldwide Muslim community in a conciliatory manner. His friendly and passionate speech to the Iranian leaders and people this past week is entirely consistent with his past actions. It was a speech intended to appeal to and rally the Iranians, much like Robin Williams' emotional wake up call every morning to American troops in the movie Good Morning Vietnam. Only Obama's speech was addressed to the wrong side. It is all about ideology. Personality has nothing to do with it.

If the issue was one of personality and not ideology, Obama and his Administration would have welcomed any new Israeli prime minister, one on the right or the left. But there is no way Obama would have supported a candidate who was more conservative than Mr. Netanyahu. Obama was pulling for Mr. Netanyahu's opponent in the Israeli election because Obama believed that a new leftist Israeli government would fall in line with his liberal U.S. and world agenda, including his perilous position on Iran and handing the Palestinians the key to the store in a so-called peaceful two-state solution. The disdain he has of Mr. Netanyahu can hardly be based on personality. What could Mr. Netanyahu ever have done to Obama personally that would warrant such extreme loathing on Obama's part? The answer is nothing. Rather, Obama is used to having his way in transforming the United States, and the world for that matter, and he does not want any obstacles. Aside from the Republican-controlled Congress, Mr. Netanyahu is really Obama's only opposition, as Mr. Netanyahu's speech to Congress earlier this month on the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran illustrated.

Should one believe that it is because Obama is such a big fan of Herzog and Lipni, the losers in the Israeli election, that he pushed and pulled for their victory? Or, is it that they were both critical of Mr. Netanyahu and supportive of Obama and his and their own liberal agenda? The answer is the latter. So much so that there are credible allegations that Obama funneled American taxpayer funds to interest groups in Israel in an effort to defeat Mr. Netanyahu. Imagine that, of all the places in this chaotic world we are living in, Obama chooses Israel, a great ally of the United States and our best in the Middle East, to meddle in and try to change the outcome of an election. Why let the democratic process, the only legitimate one in the region, run its course? This is all the more disturbing based on the claims from Obama and Administration officials that they refused to meet with Mr. Netanyahu when he came to deliver his speech to Congress because they did not want it to be viewed as influencing the Israeli elections. They also admonished Mr. Netanyahu, claiming that his visit and speech were solely for political purposes. Blatant lies are the norm for this president and his Administration.

One only needs to look at the actions and rhetoric of Obama and his Administration in the period of less than one week since Mr. Netanyahu had his decisive victory for more proof of the ideological, not personal, divide between Obama and Mr. Netanyahu. In fact, it is a divide that really exists between Obama on the one side, and Mr. Netanyahu, Israel and Jews in general on the other side.

For starters, there was the lapse of time before Obama called to congratulate Mr. Netanyahu, a courtesy he extended to political rulers of Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt after they took leadership positions. In Egypt, the call was to Mohammed Morsi of the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. And let's not forget the congratulatory call to Putin after he won in what were no doubt fair elections in Russia. To make matters worse, part of the reason, if not the main reason, for Obama's call to Mr. Netanyahu was to voice his displeasure with him, something Rouhani of Iran and Morsi likely did not have to endure.

What exactly was the source of Obama's displeasure? Actually, there were two main reasons. One has to do with Mr. Netanyahu's position on a two-state solution with the Palestinians and the other on some statements Mr. Netanyahu made on voting during the Israeli elections.

On the first point, Obama and his Administration were outraged that right before the election Mr. Netanyahu claimed that he could not currently support a two-state solution with the Palestinians, and they accused him of changing his position on the matter. Mr. Netanyahu later clarified that his statement before the election did not contradict his 2009 position in support of a two-state solution. In fact, in his 2009 speech, Mr. Netanyahu's claim to be in favor of a two-state solution was conditioned on having a real peace partner that recognized Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. This peace partner is no where to be found. Additionally, as Mr. Netanyahu correct posits, since 2009, the volatile region of the Middle East has somehow become even more chaotic and it would be suicidal for Israel to relinquish all control of the West Bank. Although Obama and his Administration choose to pretend that these two justifications do not matter, they are critical and fully support Mr. Netanyahu's current position.

First, as Mr. Netanyahu has now said, and, in fact, has been saying to those who actually are willing to listen, Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of Fatah, which governs only one of two groups of Palestinians, is not a true partner for peace. Instead, Abbas has chosen as his partner the radical Islamic terrorist group Hamas, which governs the other faction of Palestinians and has sworn to destroy Israel and consistently demonstrates its desire to do so. Abbas has been offered, as had his predecessor, over 90% of Palestinian demands, but turned them all down. He makes only one-sided demands; there is no compromise. Yet, it was Abbas, perhaps taking his cue from Obama's lead and believing he could get everything he wanted without any compromise, who chose to walk away from the existing framework for peace, partner with the radical Hamas terrorist group and appeal directly to the United Nations. Abbas refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Six years later, Mr. Netanyahu is still waiting for a real partner for peace and he does not have one. He made that clear then and now.

Mr. Netanyahu also understands that to relinquish all control of the West Bank at this time jeopardizes Israel's very existence. While this has always been a concern, the events unfolding globally serve as the writing on the wall that such action must now be avoided at all costs. Even if he was a true partner for peace, which he is not, Mr. Abbas is 80 years old. He will not live forever. And it is likely that long before his last natural days on earth, he would lose control of any new Palestinian-controlled territory to any of a number of radical Islamic terrorist groups. It could be IS, which has been given free rein in its effort to violently establish an Islamic caliphate. Or it could be Iran, which already has its radical Islamic terrorist group proxies of Hezbollah on Israel's northern border, and Hamas in Gaza. This is in addition to the the ever-increasing threat Israel faces from radical Islamic terrorist groups in the Golan Heights and Sinai. Critical to the analysis is the recognition that Hezbollah filled the void in Lebanon after Israel withdrew from that territory and Hamas filled the void in Gaza after Israel unilaterally and unconditionally handed over that territory to the Palestinians. The latter move precipitated a civil war between Fatah, now controlled by Abbas, and Hamas, which saw the more radical Hamas victorious in Gaza. So what gratitude did Israel receive from the Palestinians for this one-sided show of good faith? Rockets and missiles consistently fired by Hamas from Gaza targeting Israel and its population with absolutely no repercussions from the international community, including Obama and his Administration. We are learning similar painful lessons now with the rise of IS following Obama's full troop withdrawal from Iraq, despite the warnings from political and military experts for him not to do so. With the Middle East and Africa in turmoil, Iran aggressively competing with IS to establish an Islamic caliphate and radical Islamic terrorist groups running wild in the region, now more than ever is not the time to experiment with Israel's safety, survival and existence when the outcome is all too clear.

Instead of appreciating the obvious concerns of Mr. Netanyahu and Israelis and supporting our ally, this president and his Administration have the audacity to dismiss and disparage them. Why? Because it is about ideology and not personality. You can tell from the disdain and contempt that they have for Mr. Netanyahu and Israel. How dare they defy Obama and his wishes to see the oppressed Palestinian people finally get their due after years of terrible suffering? Why let history tell the real story? Why should Israel's existence stand in the way of Obama's pro-Muslim ideological beliefs? It is just yet another myth, one of many in a region of the world that is home to countless myths, that it is a personality issue at play here between Mr. Netanyahu and Obama. Do not believe it. It is all about ideology.

Then there is the whole voting controversy. Mr. Netanyahu had to try to win the Israeli election by not only defeating his political opponents, but also by combatting foreign campaigns that used both people and money to support his opponents. Of course, that is not the controversy. Obama and his Administration seem to have no problem with those actions, even amid allegations that they were part of it. Instead, Obama and his lackeys were outraged (again) that Mr. Netanyahu tried to appeal to his right-leaning base of voters in the election by pointing to the anticipated strong turnout by Israeli Arabs who were being pushed (literally bussed) to vote by outside forces, including Islamists. Again, and as Americans are now accustomed to, any means to get minorities out to vote is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it is commendable. It is just when the Jewish politician appealed to his Jewish constituents in Israel that there was a problem for Obama and his Administration who took terrible offense to what they viewed as Mr. Netanyahu's "racist" actions. Why? Because it is about ideology.

It is the same ideology that Obama and his Administration are spreading throughout the United States, like some rapidly-growing disease. What is so incredible is just how deceitful this president is in promoting that ideology. The divisiveness that he has brought to this country is striking. Even more remarkable is that he has no issue with appealing to his base by any means whatsoever and regardless of who he offends in the process. I guess it is acceptable behavior as long as your constituents are minorities. And it does not end there. At the very same time that he is criticizing and threatening Mr. Netanyahu and Israel for the way Mr. Netanyahu reached out to his political base in the election, he is spewing the notion of making voting in the United States mandatory for the sole purpose of having everyone's voice heard in elections, particularly minorities. Is this not appealing to your political base, a base that he wants to include as many illegal aliens as possible. And this at a time when he is looking to legalize illegal immigrants and change illegal immigration laws without Congressional action, something he previously admitted, many times, that he is not authorized to do. He is obviously trying to change the outcome of elections in America going forward any way he can. Most Americans are strongly against that, but no matter to him. If he desperately wants to transform America beyond the wishes of its people, why would he care what Israeli Jews think? The more he can align the Israeli left and Israeli Arabs to vote for those who share his interests, the better it is for him. It is about ideology not personality. It truly is amazing that Mr. Netanyahu can smile and stomach lectures from Obama on Obama's concerns about the racist treatment of Israeli Arabs in these circumstances, much like the lecture on there being too many casualties in Gaza when Israel was defending itself against an unrelentingly barrage of unprovoked attacks during its war with Hamas.

As the fallout continues, now comes word that Obama's chief of staff will meet with J-Street, a far-left Jewish lobby group, to try to get them to be more proactive in supporting Obama's policies toward Israel and critical of Mr. Netanyahu and his government. As if they do not do enough damage now. What is truly amazing is just how open and obvious Obama is. Anyone or group that has a different opinion or beliefs is shunned. For the next two years (assuming he decides to follow the law and leave office) he will be on an even more radical path to fundamentally transform America. His pen and phone remarks are his way of saying the same thing. America better be prepared to weather the storm. Again, this is all ideology and has nothing to do with personality.

Need more proof? At the same time that Obama and his Administration were reprimanding Mr. Netanyahu and Israel, hardly controlling their outrage, radical Islamic terrorists, likely IS, slaughtered innocent civilians in Tunisia. Where was the outrage from them on this? Or IS' slaughter in Yemen killing and injuring hundreds? Nothing. These constant brutal killings do not receive any outrage or emotion from the president or the Administration. What is the strategy of Obama and his Administration to combat IS? Well, they are working on that. Still. Apparently, it is not important enough to develop a strategy. Yet, immediately after the Israeli election, Obama and his Administration were reevaluating their position on Israel. Alarmingly, not just their position on Mr. Netanyahu, but also on Israel. One such suggested way they would fundamentally transform their relationship with Israel is by taking a new path in the United Nations, one that fully supported the Palestinians. All of this rhetoric opens the door to the radical Islamic loons who do not need any reason at all to look to kill Israelis and Jews. Even the suggestion that the United States will not be standing with Israel can only serve to encourage these maniacs to continue their aggression.

Obama and his Administration will use all of the destructive commotion they have caused around the Israeli election as yet another ruse to go it alone on the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. They have made it clear that they do not care about what Mr. Netanyahu thinks of the deal or what dangers it holds for Israel. They do not intend to involve Congress. They seem to prefer to go to and through the United Nations, ignoring the different branches of government that exist in America. And why wouldn't they? New reports of the details of the deal are very consistent with the bad terms of the deal that Mr. Netanyahu outlined in his speech to Congress. The left was all too quick to point out that the details were not known. Liberals preferred to wait until after the agreement was signed before discussing it, just like with Obamacare. They support the message from Obama and his Administration to just trust them. No need to involve Congress or listen to the legitimate concerns of the leader of a great ally. Just trust what they say even as they are bashing, admonishing and badmouthing those very people. But as more of the details are confirmed, it will become clearer and clearer, even to the blind, that Obama and his Administration should not be trusted in such a dangerous and dire situation.

On the other hand, I believe that Obama was very sincere in his Good Morning Iran appeal. He was all smiles as he wished the Iranian leaders and people a happy new year, spoke their language and touted the terrific contributions they have made to civilization for thousands of years. He even quoted a Persian poet. This all came very naturally for him as he oozed warm and friendly emotions for our enemy, in stark contrast to the animosity he has and shows for our friends. In fact, he basically told the Iranians "not to pay any attention to that man behind the curtain", a reference to those in the United States and Israel, among others, who are worried about the deal. I think the Iranians can and should trust Obama as he has their best interests in mind, as he made clear in his speech. It is after all about ideology and not personality.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Magician

February 26, 2015

A good magician will distract his audience and get it to focus on something tangential while he performs his main trick. Obama is yet again proving to be a masterful magician. We are familiar with sleight of hand magic tricks, but he is terrific at sleight of mouth. He is skillfully getting his audience, basically the free world, to focus its attention on IS and its brotherly terrorist groups. While the audience is distracted with IS and these other terrorist groups, he performs his real trick, which is reaching a pernicious nuclear deal with the far more dangerous Islamic Republic of Iran. No matter how good the magician though, there are always some who are on to his tricks. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not overly distracted by the IS threat and recognizes the real danger, which is Iran. I expect him to say as much when he addresses the U.S. Congress next week.

Is one really to believe that IS is a threat to the free world? The estimated number of IS fighters generally is reported to range from 10,000-100,000. True, they are creating a lot of carnage, terror and destruction, but that is because they are not being opposed by any real military forces. Whatever became of the 62 country coalition? 62 countries, led by the U.S., are unable to defeat IS? Following the savage murder of one of its captured pilots by IS, it was reported that Jordan, in seeking revenge, killed 7,000 IS fighters in a stepped up air campaign in a matter of days. Jordan is hardly the U.S. militarily, but unlike the U.S., they had their heart in the mission. One wonders why they stopped. Or why the U.S. can't achieve similar results.

Imagine for a moment if IS had nuclear capabilities or the ability to commit acts of terrorism with any type of nuclear weapon. Based on their barbarism to date, no one should question that they would use such weapons to their benefit and to the detriment of civilization if they could. Fortunately, they do not have access, at least for now, to these types of weapons. In short, as cruel, despicable and vicious as they are, IS could be dealt with swiftly and decisively if the U.S. Government had that as its objective.

More important than the difference of Sunni and Shiite between IS and Iran is what they have in common--they are both controlled by fundamental or radical Islamic terrorists committed to killing Jews, Christians and members of other religions in the name of Islam. Iran poses a threat not only to Israel, the U.S. and Europe, but also to Arab countries in the Middle East. Like Israel, those Arab countries fear Iran obtaining nuclear capabilities. Why? Because they know that Iran, like IS, will use nuclear weapons to try to achieve its warped fundamental Islamic terrorist goals. In fact, Iran, speaking out of one side of its mouth, claims as much. This is the side of the mouth of the snake that should be listened to and not the side claiming to want nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes only. Israel and the Arab countries know this, and I expect Prime Minister Netanyahu to stress this point to Congress next week.

All of this seems too obvious. That is why Obama is conducting a masterful sleight of mouth campaign. All of the attention has been on IS and other fundamental Islamic terrorist groups. His outrageous statement that the targeted terror attack against Jews in a kosher deli in Paris was a random act of violence and refusal to say that Christians are being targeted by Muslim extremists have helped keep the attention on IS and these other terrorist groups. His refusal to even acknowledge that the terrorists are Muslim has sparked controversy, but also has kept the focus in place. When three Muslims were killed recently in North Carolina, likely over a parking dispute, he and his administration were all too quick to point out that it was likely a hate crime committed in the U.S. against Muslims. He is trying to allow Syrian refugees to come to the U.S. though admittedly no one knows who they are or whether murderers are among them. All of this helps draw the attention to IS and other terrorist groups, as well as his administration on this issue, while he has had a free hand to deal with Iran.

Why is he doing this? Because it fits squarely within his pro-Muslim ideology. It is very convenient for him that his weak and inept policies benefit both these radical Islamic terrorist groups and Iran (and hurt Israel), thus comporting with his pro-Muslim beliefs. Impressively, he is taking actions that benefit both Sunni and Shiite, no easy feat as they have some conflicting interests and would just as soon kill each other. Yes, he is a wonderful magician. He has consistently demonstrated who he truly is throughout his life and it is obvious to anyone who is willing to see it, to anyone not distracted as the magician performs his newest and greatest trick. Without exaggeration, I could list countless examples. The naysayers who prefer to be distracted and awed by the trick would just come up with their typical excuses. Let it suffice to say that one only need to look at the realignment of allies in the world in the last few years. Who would have predicted that Israel would have better allies in Egypt and some other Arab countries than in the U.S. (at the government level)? Or that a president of the U.S. would repeatedly humiliate and distance himself from the government of Israel while getting in bed with Iran and refusing to acknowledge that the U.S. is at war with radical Islam. The same president who advocated the overthrow of a stable government in Egypt by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, but now snubs the secular government that overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood.

Much of the distrust and skepticism of Obama and his motives with Iran have been in play since he reduced the sanctions against Iran even before negotiations began, not a very good strategic move if one is negotiating in good faith, to say the least. Now as details emerge on the purported deal with Iran, one that seems to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons over time, those who questioned why Israel and other countries were distrustful of Obama should see the light. But already it is leading to a narrower, more well-defined schism on the issue as there remain those who prefer to insist that the magician is really performing magic. It has very quickly become evident that the tact of the magician's supporters is to now portray Prime Minister Netanyahu as the guilty one, and to accuse him of trying to sabotage the deal for unrealistic reasons. In other words, now the argument from this side is something to the effect that of course Iran is pursuing nuclear capabilities, but they absolutely have no interest in pursuing nuclear weapons. We should believe Iran when they say that is the case (out of that side of the snake's mouth) and it is Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu who are the problem and who we should not believe or, as the reaction to him speaking next week to Congress demonstrates, even listen to on this issue.  So let's take the inconsistent word of our sworn enemy, the largest sponsor of terror in the world, and totally rebuff our best friend in the Middle East. I find this incredibly disturbing. But not too surprising. It is consistent with action one would expect from a president who declared he would fundamentally transform America and it is only one of countless schisms that he has created in totally dividing the country.

I fully expect Prime Minister Netanyahu to expose the sleight of mouth magician, Obama, to Congress next week. Magicians get angry when someone knows and tells how their tricks are performed. That is why Obama and his administration have had a hissy fit over Prime Minister Netanyahu's Congressional invitation. We already knew that Obama and his minions don't want Mr. Netanyahu to expose their sham, but we now have a better understanding of why they are so sensitive to the timing. His administration has acted disgracefully against Mr. Netanyahu, particularly in the last few days as the deal with Iran appears closer to coming to fruition. Congress, within its right as there are still three branches of government in the U.S., also wants the magician to be exposed and they too expect that from Mr. Netanyahu. At least that is true of the Republicans. Shame on those Congressional Democrats who believe that Obama is king of the U.S. (as he does) and who are snubbing Israel and Mr. Netanyahu. Liberal American Jews who are so strongly Democrat and side with Obama over Israel and Mr. Netanyahu should reflect carefully on their position at this critical juncture. You can be a patriotic American and still oppose the policies of the president and his administration.

I believe that this issue is so critical that every American Jew, at least those who acknowledge themselves as Jews, should go on the record as to which side they support. It will be too easy if, G-d forbid, Iran does get nuclear weapons capabilities (and I will leave it at that) to claim after the fact how they foresaw the danger and were in support of Israel and Mr. Netanyahu. Record in writing now where you stand. In fact, l believe every Jew should do this because a nuclear Iran poses an existential threat to Jews (and others) worldwide. The Jewish community at large needs to engage in more effective dialogue on this ominous threat. They need to understand the radical religious beliefs that are motivating and driving these terrorist entities (no, it is not lack of jobs as the magician would have you believe). For all the criticism he receives, Mr. Netanyahu has been the champion of the Jewish cause on this issue, despite what some treacherous Jewish detractors have to say. He could use a lot more unity and support from the Jewish community. Here's to Mr. Netanyahu exposing the sleight of mouth tricks of the master magician next week. 

The 1930's, the 1940's and 2015

March 1, 2015

Look at the above date. We are now already in March of 2015. Wow, how
time flies. In fact, it is a little over 82 years since adolf hitler
came to power in Germany. So what? Why raise that? After all 82 is not
even a common commemorative number like 75 or 85. Putting such
niceties aside, I am raising it because I believe Jews worldwide have
not been in this much danger since the terrible times of the 1930s and
1940s, times which included the Holocaust and World War II. In fact, I
see these times as eerily reminiscent of the 1930s, leading up to and
with hitler's rise to power. There are certainly differences and the
players have changed. Then it was hitler and Nazi Germany and today it
is fundamental or radical Islam. But the similarities are striking.

Look carefully at the vitriol being spewed at college campuses against
Jews and Israel, mostly by Muslims. These hate speech campaigns have
been described as vicious and intimidating and Jews on these college
campuses are scared and concerned for their safety. This hate speech
is coming from professors and students alike. As important, look at
where this is happening, in America. Yet this is mostly ignored, even
though it is a growing phenomenon and is targeted against a specific
minority group. If this dangerous behavior (even to a much lesser
degree) was aimed at Muslims or blacks in this country, no one can
deny that Obama and his Administration, and the media, would be
handling it with the attention it deserves. hitler had strong
supporters in the universities, likewise from both professors and
students. They too used the universities as a setting to persecute

Today, as was the case in the 1930s and 1940s, Jews and the free world
face a common savage enemy striving for world domination. The
murderous thugs associated with hitler and Nazi Germany have been
replaced by fundamental or radical Islam terrorists.  As was the case
then, Europe is guilty of both stimulating the problem and
Anti-Semitism. It was easy enough to see the natural European hatred
for Jews and Israel this summer at pro-Palestinian demonstrations
across Europe while Israel was defending itself from unprovoked
attacks aimed at its civilians by the radical Islamic terrorist group
Hamas. At the same time, the silence has been deafening from Europeans
in response to the numerous terrorist attacks targeting Jews in
various European countries. We are very quietly at the point, as we
were with Nazi Germany, where Jews have to fear for their safety in
vast parts of Europe solely because of the fact that they are Jews.
Inventions to make kippas out of hair so that they blend in with the
scalp and hopefully go unnoticed, making sure there are sufficient
security details to protect Jews in schools and synagogues, and making
sure to stay in certain areas while avoiding others (not exactly like,
but in some ways similar to, ghettos) are not very encouraging. Yet,
the concern that the Europeans seem focused on is to make sure that
all the terrorist acts committed by fundamental Islamists do not lead
to Islamophobia. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been
criticized by some for encouraging Jews, in the wake of these
terrorist attacks, to emigrate to Israel. Interestingly, the criticism
has focused on the need for Jews to be pro-Europe, as if Jewish
loyalty to Europe should trump Jewish safety and painful lessons
learned of past Jewish loyalty to Europe. One of the great things
about Israel is it offers a safe haven to any and all Jews, something
that tragically was not available during the Holocaust. Now that Jews
have a safe haven, they are criticized for it. I believe the real key
is to make sure that Israel stays a safe haven for all Jews. In cannot
be considered a safe haven though if it faces a severe existential

Unfortunately, one of the primary differences between the 1930s and
1940s and now doesn't bode well for Jews and that is the role of the
United States. Or at least of its President and his Administration.
For all of the negative commentary on FDR, much of it deserved, about
how he treated the Jews during the Holocaust and World War II, at
least he was on the right side. I do not believe the same can be said
for President Obama.

Obama has repeatedly let his actions clarify his statement that "he
would stand with the Muslims". (His supporters have argued that his
use of these words is vague.) He is succeeding in his promise of
"fundamentally transforming America". Ironically, hitler himself, in
Mein Kampf, provided a blue print of what he planned to do and that
too was largely ignored. Look at who Obama surrounds himself with. One
example is Valerie Jarrett, his senior adviser, who is Iranian-born
and, like Obama, has pro-Muslim policies and philosophies. Let's also
examine what has happened under Obama's watch. Most importantly, Iran
may be on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons capabilities, over
time. IS is savagely trying to obtain a Muslim caliphate. The entire
Middle East and Africa are upside down and chaotic because of
fundamental Islamic terrorists groups, which have been proliferating.
Fundamental Islamic terrorist attacks also have increased in other
parts of the world, including Europe. And we have a President who is
not willing to acknowledge or admit the truth. He doesn't even say the
words fundamental or radical Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, Obama
and his minions are feeding us with spurious arguments while the plain
truth for all, even the blind, to see is that we and our allies,
including Israel, are at war with radical Islam. Even the radical
Islamists say as much and, in fact, they insist that that is the case.

Instead of waging a real war against radical Islamists, we have a
president that most recently met with the Emir of Qatar, Al-Thani, and
couldn't stop praising him or his country. As with other questionable
Muslim leaders, Obama treated Al-Thani with dignity and respect. Obama
touted why our arms deal with Qatar makes so much sense. He
conveniently left out the fact that Qatar is one of the larger state
sponsors of terrorism and has supported various terrorist groups,
including Hamas, Al-Qaeda and possibly IS. Obama openly supported the
terrorist Muslim Brotherhood before, during and after they came to
power in Egypt and has eschewed the more moderate government that
fortunately overthrew that terrorist regime. How many times has the
current Egyptian leader Al-Sisi been invited to the White House? I
suspect his extraordinary speech on the threat of radical Islam has
not earned him any brownie points with Obama and his Administration.

How has Obama and his Administration handled prior terrorist attacks?
In America, they have been labeled as work place violence. For Obama
supporters who claim we haven't been "hit" on his watch, don't tell
that to those runners who were in the Boston Marathon or their
families and friends. Yet you didn't see any emotion from Obama when
that happened. No, those are not the types of events that elicit his
emotions. More recently, either because he surrounds himself with
people who live in a fantasy world or think Americans are stupid (or
both), we have heard nonsensical claims that what is happening is the
result of a lack of jobs for Muslims and that we are safer now than we
have been in years and years and years. Also, that we need to combat
terrorist threats with tweets. And these people actually are able to
say these things with a straight face.

Also under Obama's watch, Vladimir Putin has been given a free hand
and has stepped up his aggression. For now, against Ukraine, but we
will see what follows. Just as he is not supplying arms to Kurdish and
other fighters to be used against IS, Obama is not providing any aid
to Ukraine despite all their pleading. Russia also is becoming
increasingly active again in the Middle East. So, under Obama, we have
a reset with Russia. In other words, Obama has reset or unwound the
gains achieved by Ronald Reagan.

More immediate for Jews and Israel though is Obama's alliance with
radical Islam. The direct consequence of this is to expose Israel to
an alarming level of risk as it does not have an ally in the President
of its best and biggest allied country, America. Hard to believe, but
Israel is actually finding better allies with the leaders in Egypt and
some other Arab countries. These countries, aside from having concerns
of their own with terrorism, fear Iran and its mission to obtain
nuclear weapons capabilities. This is the threat, above all others,
that Israel and the entire free world need to fear. Iran is the
largest sponsor of terrorism and everyone should listen to its threats
and understand the religious beliefs and aspirations of its
fundamental Islamic rulers. Look at the savage, uncivilized, terrorist
activities taking place today. Iran would be able to directly use its
nuclear weapons or use one of its terrorist wings as its proxy, much
as it does today. It is unthinkable what would happen if they obtained
nuclear weapons.

Recognizing the existential threat a nuclear advanced Iran poses to
Israel and the entire free world, one would expect a warm and open
welcome to the Prime Minister of Israel to address Congress and all
Americans (and the rest of the world should be listening in). Instead,
shamefully, Obama and his Administration have tried to make Israel and
Mr. Netanyahu public enemy number one. This is truly disgraceful, but
totally consistent with a President and his Administration that are so
pro-Muslim and ant-Israel. Is one to really believe that an issue of
protocol legitimizes the shameful reaction of the President, his
Administration and some Congressional Democrats? When one looks at how
Obama and his Administration have repeatedly humiliated Mr. Netanyahu,
the Prime Minister of one of America's biggest allies in the world and
our only dependable ally in the Middle East, it is easy to understand
why Mr. Netanyahu accepted the invitation of the Republicans in
Congress. They too want to hear what Mr. Netanyahu has to say. If we
are going to get hung up on protocol, it bears mentioning that the
United States has for years asked Israel and Mr. Netanyahu not to take
action against Iran. But now all of a sudden as a bad deal is looming,
and even leading up to this point, Obama and his Administration have
had no problem shutting out Israel and Mr. Netanyahu. If they were
open-minded and a real ally, wouldn't they want to hear from Mr.
Netanyahu? What are they scared of? Actually, the timing is terrible
for them as it puts the spotlight on the deal with Iran that may be
close to becoming final. Talks of a "sunset" provision in the deal
that would allow Iran to have a nuclear weapons program over time will
not sit well with Congress or Mr. Netanyahu. Perhaps that is why Obama
and his lackeys are causing such a fuss over Mr. Netanyahu bringing
some much needed attention to this issue. This is a President after
all who has just announced that he will veto the Congressional bill if
presented to him that would allow Congress to weigh in on the deal
with Iran. No, the king knows best in the fundamentally transformed
America that now has only one branch of government. You see, in the
old America, the one that never made Obama or his wife proud, Congress
was an equal branch of government and had every right to invite a
foreign leader, especially of an ally, to address it on a common
existential threat.

The risk of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons also parallels a similar
risk in World War II. There was a very important race to get the
"bomb" and fortunately the U.S. beat Nazi Germany in that race. It
would have been a very different war and likely outcome if Germany was
successful. It will be a game changer for America, Israel, Europe and
the entire world if Iran or any fundamental Islamic country or
terrorist group obtains nuclear weapons. Mr. Netanyahu understands
this. Most in Congress understand this. I worry that Obama fully
understands this as well. Let Mr. Netanyahu speak and listen to what
he says. He will tell you that this is a game changer that can not be
allowed to happen. And he will be absolutely correct. What is the harm
with that?

For those American Jewish leaders who think it is better to stand idle
and keep quiet, to be supportive of the country's leader and to hope
to get by until he is out of office, they should learn from the
experience of German Jewish leaders immediately before and after
hitler came to power. Assuming he leaves office when he is scheduled
to (under rules in America before it was being fundamentally
transformed), he can still do an incredible amount of damage. I'm
afraid that is what is in store for this country. Unlike Nazi Germany,
Americans have shown, at least in some ways, that they are not as
tolerant to having a dictator. Look how divided this country has
become. The Republican-controlled Congress better be prepared to step
up. They are going to have a continuous fight on their hands for the
foreseeable future.

Having the tragic and painful history of the Holocaust to learn from,
why don't many American Jews see this ominous threat? And even if it
is resolved satisfactorily, there is no denying that it is still a
huge threat. They should, at least for the moment, put aside their
passion for righting all of their perceived social injustices in this
country and stand together for a united Jewish cause. If nothing else,
they should ask themselves what is the harm in letting Mr. Netanyahu
speak on such an important existential issue to their brothers and
sisters in Israel, assuming they want to ignore the threat to
themselves here in America? Why is he the villain and not the largest
terrorist regime on earth? Please, let's not be blind to the lessons
of our tragic past. Call your Congressmen and let's stand together as
one as Jews and for Israel.