Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Antisemitism vs. Terrorism

May 21, 2015

Which is more powerful, Anti-Semitism or terrorism? Do not underestimate the strength of Anti-Semitism. It has proven to be more powerful than terrorism. To clarify, given the choice of promoting Anti-Semitism or combating terrorism when they are pitted against each other, the world is choosing the former. At a time when it could not be any clearer that the right course of action would be to eradicate both diseases, Anti-Semitism is flourishing, even though it means making sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.

Radical Islamic terrorism is currently concentrated in the Middle East, but it is rapidly spreading across the globe. Between Iran and IS, much of the Middle East is in turmoil. Vast parts of Africa also are home to radical Islamic terrorists. Iran is increasing its presence in Latin America. Muslims have such a strong foothold in Europe that many experts say "Europe is lost". The United States, which had to endure two terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, has seen a growing trend of radical Islamic terrorist threats and acts. Yet somehow, the international community is obsessed with Israel and has the nerve to brand it as the world's foremost villain. Many still cling to and propagate the outrageous myth that if only there was a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, there would be peace in the world. The truth is that radical Islamists will not allow there to be peace in Israel or anywhere else whether or not there is a two-state solution.

Radical Islamists murder, behead and slaughter innocent people of all religions to achieve their objective of establishing an Islamic caliphate. They know no bounds and have no limits. The more infidels they kill, the more successful their mission. These terrorists do not believe in rights for non-believers, women, minorities, gays...the list goes on and on. They are honest enough to admit their goals and do not deny their violent views and actions. In fact, they rush to claim responsibility for atrocities they commit. IS is running a strategic and effective global marketing campaign to attract new recruits. The violent and abominable acts committed across the globe today in the name of Islam could not be any clearer.

Israel is the only real democracy in the region and the one Jewish country in the entire world. It has Hezbollah, a radical Islamic terrorist group, on its border with Lebanon. It has Hamas, another radical Islamic terrorist group, on its border with Gaza. Both of these terrorist groups vow to annihilate Israel and are supported by Iran, which has made the same vow. It is not as if these are empty threats. Hezbollah and Hamas have repeatedly targeted innocent Israeli civilians with rockets and missiles. Iran is trying to obtain a nuclear weapons system and appears to be succeeding in its quest. Complicating matters even more for Israel is the growing Who's Who List of radical Islamic terrorist groups, including IS, that want to destroy Israel and conquer Jerusalem as part of their religious vision. Some of these groups are competing for the area across from Israel's Golan Heights, further threatening Israel's security. Of course, there also are terrorists among the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

A reasonable and objective person would conclude that Israel cannot risk its existence by gambling on a two-state solution. Put more bluntly, they would be horrified for Israel given its precarious position. And a true ally would do everything it could to support Israel. Even if Israel had a partner for peace, which it does not, any land that is ceded by Israel would be filled by radical Islamic terrorists, whether from the Palestinian Authority, Hamas or another radical Islamic terrorist group. Israel's relinquishment of control over these areas would facilitate the mission of these radical Islamic jihadists. We have seen this play out the same way many times before (for example, withdrawal from Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq and the Russians from Afghanistan).

The reasonable and objective person would understand that Israel takes foolish measures, termed rules of engagement, which jeopardize the safety and security of its own people, to appease the Palestinians and the world community. Israeli military and police personnel are forced to operate while in handcuffs and are held to a standard of care that dwarfs that of other countries and endangers Israeli civilians and security personnel. The fact that they are confronting and combating terrorists who are deliberately trying to murder innocent Israelis is ignored. Instead, false moral equivalency arguments are forced down the throats of Israeli leaders and citizens. The result is that one side, the radical Islamic terrorists, are doing all they can to wipe Israel off the map and to kill Jewish men, women and children, young and old included, while the other side, Israel, has to sacrifice the well-being of its civilians and young military and police personnel by taking ridiculous security measures in its self-defense to placate the international community.

The world community also distorts the truth as to the treatment of arabs by Israel. Arabs have more rights in Israel than they do in Muslim countries. Ask yourself this question. Would a minority, gay woman of any religion have more rights and be better protected living in Israel or a Muslim country (any Muslim country)? Arabs would have even more rights in Israel if they lost their hatred of Jews and abandoned their goal of annihilating Israel. But this will not happen, it cannot happen, because it is unacceptable to radical Islamic terrorists and many other Muslims for Israel to exist. In fact, Israel has had to restrict the access of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza because of terrorist attacks. But even that has not prevented the recent wide-spread terrorist attacks and plots emanating from the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Even if the Palestinians were to reach a peace agreement with Israel for a two-state solution, they have made it clear that they do not want any Jews in the new Palestinian state. This while demanding that Palestinians who, for the most part, departed Israel of their own volition before or during wartime should be allowed to return to Israel decades later. Not to a new Palestinian state, but to Israel. The Palestinians also demand East Jerusalem as their capital. Should an agreement be reached allowing the Palestinians to claim East Jerusalem as their capital, they would deny access to Jews there too. Israel unilaterally and unconditionally withdrew from Gaza in 2005 only to receive rockets and missiles as a thank you. One need not ask Hamas if it welcomes Jews in Gaza. But these prejudicial and discriminatory statements and actions of the Palestinians are given a free pass. And while the international community has gotten caught in the Palestinian refugee trap, it has amnesia when it comes to Jews who were expelled from Muslim countries stripped of all of their possessions. The international community also is shamefully silent on the millions of refugees forced to flee Muslim countries during the ongoing Islamic rage of violence. Millions of the refugees are from Syria alone. Yet it is only Israel that is forced to prove time and again that it is not racist and does not discriminate. The reasonable and objective person can clearly see the international community's vile Anti-Semitism against Israel and its Jews.

Despite the fear of many liberals, government leaders included, global Islamic jihad has not resulted in Islamophobia. Instead, it is Anti-Semitism that is escalating worldwide. The reasonable and objective person would expect that with all of the blood being spilled by radical Islamic terrorists in the name of Islam, old myths, like the one promising peace in the Middle East and the rest of the world if only Israel reached an agreement with the Palestinians, would die a natural death. Yet, it is not uncommon to continue to hear such lies and propaganda. Taking this to the next false step, those people who are not too embarrassed to put forth such nonsense link Israel as the cause of broader Anti-Semitism. From there, it is not very difficult for them to try to legitimize the prevalent worldwide Anti-Semitism. In other words, the Anti-Semitism directed at Israel and its Jews is used to explain, justify and excuse the escalation of worldwide Anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism is again rampant in many European countries. These countries are struggling to address their own domestic Muslim problems and should hardly be trying to compel Israel to make the same mistakes they made. Does France, with its Shariah no-go zones, really believe that it should be preaching to Israel? These countries need to be more concerned with protecting their own citizens and stopping Anti-Semitism at home than with obsessively pressuring Israel to cave in to the demands of radical Islamic terrorists. Why, exactly, is the safety and security of their own citizens, including Jews, not the top priority for these countries?

The victims of radical Islamic terrorism are not limited to Jews. Christians and members of other faiths also are being targeted, which makes it all the more astounding that the international community sides with the terrorists over Israel and with radical Islamists over Jews. That Israel receives far more scrutiny and blame than any other country despite being on the front lines in the war against radical Islam and fighting every day for its survival is a clear sign of Anti-Semitism. In fact, it could not be any clearer. And it proves that terrorism, with all of its inherent wickedness and as strong as it is, cannot compete with the age-old, more powerful evil of Anti-Semitism.

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