Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Audible

June 12, 2015

Apparently, the radical, far-left, politically correct, anti-Israel team has realized that it lacks credibility when it continues to spew certain age-old lies about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How can anyone with any common sense believe that if only there was a resolution to that conflict there would be peace in the Middle East and the world would be full of sunshine and roses? Don't get me wrong, you still hear many of these same old lies, but the global PC team has called an audible and appears to be touting a new line of propaganda. 

President Obama, the quarterback of the PC team, and leaders of the the many European countries on that team have deftly switched the narrative to the all too familiar page from the broader radical liberal playbook of "we are better than that". Only in this case, the "we" they are imposing their far-left ideology on is Israel. It is Israel that they, now admittedly, expect more of and that they hold to much higher standards. Only Israel, not its neighbors, must live by a higher set of moral values. People can debate all they wish as to whether the PC team is motivated by Anti-Semitism. I believe that it quite obviously is, but regardless, the bottom line is that the radical liberal playbook continues to jeopardize Israel's existence.

Let's unravel this latest bogus narrative. To begin with, the savagery and barbarism being committed by Israel's neighbors, the Palestinians included, should make it impossible for the leaders of the PC team to use this page of the radical liberal playbook. But that has not stopped them from starting to call the audible and running this play, somehow with a straight face. They may believe that they are fooling everyone, but here too they have a real credibility problem. Anyone possessing an ounce of common sense understands that Israelis are not targeting innocent Palestinians or any other people for death. They are not beheading anyone or putting people in cages and setting them on fire. They are not committing acts of terrorism anywhere. Palestinians are not being attacked by Jews in Jerusalem; Palestinians are committing terrorist acts against Jews in the Holy City. Arabs govern the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. Jews, incredibly, are forbidden to pray there. Israel grants freedom to all religions to pray at its holy sites while Islamic militants are destroying such sites all across the Middle East. Israelis are not invading other countries and they are not threatening to annihilate or to wipe any countries off the map. Israel's neighbors cannot make the same claims.

Israelis are not firing rockets and missiles into any neighboring countries, other than as a matter of self-preservation. They are not trying to deliberately kill innocent Muslims. While Hamas' goal was to kill as many innocent Israeli civilians as it could during the war it provoked with Israel last summer, Israel took extreme measures to protect Palestinian civilians in Gaza, endangering the well-being of its young military personnel. While Hamas used its own people as human shields, including women and children, Israel warned those same Palestinians of impending military strikes targeted against Hamas terrorists. Hamas sacrificed young Palestinian children to build its tunnels of death, and Palestinians indoctrinate their children with violence and a hatred of Israel and Jews. Israel, by contrast, promotes peace, education and well-being for all of its children. Jews mourn the deaths of their children and the deaths of their fellow Jews. Unlike with the Palestinians, they do not promote senseless acts of terrorism so that they can glorify their children as martyrs. 

It is amazing how Obama and the PC team want to impose "Jewish values" and "Western values", as they define them, on Israel. As if Jews in the Holy Land need a lesson on Jewish values from the PC team. Newsflash to Obama and the leaders of the European countries--Jewish values, real Jewish values, do not require Israel to sacrifice the lives of its citizens to fundamental Islam. Nor do true Western values, which are the Judeo-Christian values the United States was founded upon. To require a free country to sacrifice the safety and security of its citizens so as not to insult the terrorist enemies determined to kill them is nothing more than an ideology. A far-left, radical, politically correct ideology that Obama and other liberals are trying to twist into Western values. 

Obama and the rest of the PC team are doing enough damage to their own countries. Fundamental Islam has spread so aggressively in Europe that many experts fear for the future of the continent. More and more terrorist attacks are being carried out successfully or are thankfully being thwarted in both of the United States and Europe. Anti-Semitism is dramatically escalating around the globe. It is particularly on the rise in Europe. Jews in universities, even in America, are under siege from Muslims and Palestinians. The deceitful Palestinian Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement resorts to violence and intimidation. Obama and the rest of the PC team should be more concerned with protecting their own Jewish citizens. But perhaps their understanding of Jewish and Western values requires innocent Jews around the world to just accept the violence and hostility directed their way. Another newsflash to Obama and the leaders of the European countries--look up the Jewish value of "Never Again". 

A clear and unequivocal message to Obama and the rest of the PC team--Jews are better than radical Muslims. They prove that each and every day. That could not be any more obvious. The contrast between good and evil, right and wrong, civilized and humane behavior versus savagery and barbarism, could not be any more stark. The newest page from the radical liberal playbook is as deceptive as the other pages. This will hopefully be a very short lived theme as it is incredibly arrogant, obnoxious and dangerous. Of course, the PC team could burn the radical liberal playbook, eliminate Anti-Semitism and develop a sincere moral conscience. Knowing better, I will await the next deceitful audible from the PC team. 

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