Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunset, Sanctions, Snap-Back, Signing Bonuses, Supreme Leader and Suckers

April 25, 2015

How is it that so many Americans still naively believe whatever President Obama tells them? The fact that they can be deferential to him on an issue like the Iranian nuclear talks, with so much to lose, is astonishing to me. That so many Jews can continue to support this master manipulator and deceiver is even more incredible to me.

It should be obvious to all, based on Obama's own words and actions, that there really are dangerous changes occurring in America and around the rest of the world. Frequent and widespread radical Islamic terrorist threats and atrocities have become acceptable. If we are lucky enough to thwart such terrorist plots, they are quickly forgotten. If the radical Islamic terrorists are successful, it is sufficient to address such violence with meaningless words of pity just as long as it happens somewhere else to someone else. Even in the U.S., more and more terrorist attacks are being prevented. I am afraid that we may not continue to be so successful and, in fact, we have been on the receiving end of quite enough terrorist attacks. Yet Obama, who is the master at addressing the violence of radical Islamic terrorists with unemotional and meaningless words of pity, is having his way with the American people. He refuses to acknowledge that the terrorists are radical Islamists and, instead, condemns Christians and Jews, and Israel in particular.  Obama's historical ties to radical Islamists also have been ignored. Shouldn't alarm bells be going off everywhere? Isn't it troubling that he continues to cozy up to Muslim extremists while slamming Christians and Jews and that he refuses to recognize that Christians and Jews are being targeted by militant Islam? He failed to acknowledge that terrorist attacks in a kosher deli were targeted against Jews, despite clear statements from the perpetrator that they were (as if that was needed in an attack on a kosher deli). He has ignored the frightening and rapid rise of global Anti-Semitism. He has looked the other way as Christians have repeatedly been slaughtered by radical Islamic terrorists solely because they were not Muslim. Now perhaps he will deny that Christians were the target in the recently reported 2010 plot by radical Islamic terrorists aimed at the Vatican. Maybe it would have just involved terrorists who "randomly shoot some folks" like he claimed of the shootings at the kosher deli. This time, folks who would have just happened to be in the Vatican.  

The stakes are much higher with the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran. There is no room on this dangerous issue to take Obama at his word. Indeed, history shows that he is not to be trusted. He promised to dismantle Iran's nuclear program, but that is not happening. In fact, the framework of the deal, with its sunset provisions, legitimizes the program over time. This is unconscionable. How many times did we hear from Obama's Administration that there would be no sunset provisions? And, how did we go from Obama declaring that Iran would never get the bomb and that all options, including military action, were on the table to capitulating that this is the best deal we can get and Iran is two to three months away from the bomb? We went from never to over a year to two or three months in very short order. 

Iran will be permitted to keep its nuclear infrastructure intact, including its illicit underground facility that previously went under the radar and may be impenetrable. Iran also will now be able to maintain many of its existing centrifuges and at least some of its enriched uranium (despite the Administration's previous position that Iran ship out its enriched uranium). Inspections, which have had their shortcomings in the past, also are a source of contention with the supreme leader and other Iranian officials slapping down Obama's claims that they will be unfettered and rigorous. Iranian officials have specifically stated that inspectors will not have access to Iranian military sites. Iran's ballistic missile program is outside the scope of the agreement, posing a direct threat not only to Israel, but also to the United States. Obama also has refused to tie Iran's belligerent behavior in the region, its wide scope of terrorist activities and its open hostilities against Israel to any agreement. Yet, he insists that this is a good deal and that everyone trust him. But we have seen this movie before. 

Iran already is stronger as a result of Obama's decision to ease sanctions on the rogue nation just to get it to the negotiating table. This no doubt was a sign of weakness to Iran at a time when we had all of the leverage and should have been negotiating from a position of strength as it was obvious that Iran had become desperate as a result of the sanctions. This should have been an ominous sign for the U.S., Israel and the rest of the free world. Predictably, Obama and his Administration have given the Iranians one concession after another. Yet, since the framework for the deal was announced at the end of March, the supreme leader of Iran has accused the Obama Administration of being deceitful. He joins the large club of people who feel the same way. One of the supreme leader's claims was that the framework calls for the immediate lifting of sanctions, to which Obama and his Administration vehemently disagreed. Now, in typical Obama fashion, comes word that Iran may receive a signing bonus of $50 billion if it enters into a final deal. 

The release of any money upfront to Iran should be a non-starter. Iran should have to earn any further sanctions relief (which it will not do). This would just be a gift to Iran, which once again unconditionally rewards it despite its regional aggression and global terrorist activities. There is not even a condition prohibiting Iran from using the inflow of money to fund such activities. Obama simply refuses to make such a common sense connection. Iran has been successfully infiltrating other countries and sponsoring terrorism and this would only embolden it. Iran would immediately be able to take any upfront payments and use them to further its belligerent and terrorist goals. It is resupplying Hezbollah and Hamas with more sophisticated weapons and reports indicate that Hamas already is rebuilding its terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. To this too, Obama turns a blind eye. Iran could simply take the money from a signing bonus and run, or it could wait patiently for all the finances (well over $100 billion) to roll in and then restart (if it ever stops) its nuclear program from a much stronger and more secure position. 

We should not be delusional enough to fall for Obama's claim that the agreement will contain strong snap-back provisions. This claim, which asserts that Iran's violations of the agreement would be met with the quick re-imposition of sanctions, is not based on reality and insults the intelligence of Americans. Already, Putin has promised to supply Iran with sophisticated surface-to-air missiles that would help secure its nuclear facilities. This comes even before there is any final agreement. The French foreign minister criticized Putin for agreeing to take this action, but not Obama. Despite undercutting the ability of the United States and Israel to act militarily against Iran's nuclear facilities, his reaction was only to question why Russia did not do this sooner. Simply incredible. Yet, somehow with a straight face he tells the world not to worry, that snap-back provisions will be in place. What could anyone point to that would support the notion that Obama could have any influence over Russia or China, which would have to agree to the so-called snap-back provisions? This would be further complicated because the violations would have to be uncovered by inspectors in the first place and would then have to go through a lengthy U.N. process just to get to the point where they are shot down by Russia and/or China. This also presumes, likely incorrectly, that Obama and the Europeans would come to the point of favoring the re-imposition of sanctions on Iran. In short, once relinquished, sanctions will not trickle back let alone snap back. 

Obama's unbridled adulation for the supreme leader of Iran also is unsettling. The supreme leader receives the praise and respect of Obama even while he chants death to America and death to Israel. Obama is silent on Iran's belligerence and terrorist activities. It seems as though Obama is in such awe of the supreme leader that Obama will cave on any of Iran's demands so as to please and placate him. This is entirely consistent with Obama's pro-Muslim beliefs. It also helps explain his Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel actions. 

All of this leads to the conclusion that those who fall for Obama's deception, particularly Jews, are suckers. Obama's radical history warrants support of those who oppose him and his march to madness, including the U.S. Congress. Obama's pro-Muslim, anti-Israel track record have to be challenged now. The risk of trusting Obama on the Iranian nuclear deal is just too great. What the deal would actually achieve would be to finance and legitimize Iran's nuclear program, global aggression and expansion, and terrorist activities. Iran may or may not take the full time until the agreement sunsets, but, either way, it will be in a much better financial position and, if it has the patience to wait, will be able to flaunt its evil with the blessing of the international community. 

All major Jewish groups and denominations should immediately unite to address this issue. The leaders of these groups and denominations need to gather and stand together. Differences need to be put aside. Jewish organizations acting on their own are not having a meaningful impact. United we can accomplish more. The Rabbinate should be having these discussions in their synagogues. There is nothing too controversial about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons to prevent that from occurring. Congregants should be encouraged to flood the offices of their Congressmen and women now with calls urging them not to approve any bad final agreement. Sunset provisions, the unconditional easing of sanctions, signing bonuses, snap-back provisions and other unsettling terms of the framework should be, and actually have to be, enough to unite us and prevent us from being suckers. 

Am Yisrael Chai. 

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