Monday, April 20, 2015

While Liberal Jews Slept...Actually, Aided and Abetted

April 19, 2015

You may be familiar with the 2006 book of a similar title written by Bruce Bawer warning of the rise of and threat posed by radical Islam in Europe. Despite being panned by liberal critics at the time, the book and its message have proven to be spot on, as is readily apparent from the current state of affairs in Europe. And yet, as the threat dramatically escalates in Europe and all around the world, there are still many people who refuse to acknowledge that radical Islam poses a grave danger to civilization. This is the predominant view of liberals, including liberal Jews.

Like other non-liberals (whether Jewish or not), I am at a loss over this denial. Three things make it even worse for me. For starters, many liberal Jews claim to identity closely with their Jewish roots and Israel. Yet, many (although not all) of these liberal Jews do nothing to support Jewish causes or Israel. It is not exactly like they sit quietly on the sidelines with their hands folded in their laps either. They are quite outspoken on issues they deem important, but, unfortunately, neither world Jewry nor Israel makes the cut. These liberal Jews can be categorized as sleeping through the current crisis facing Israel, global Jewry and the rest of the free world. Second, of the liberal Jews who are outspoken on Israel, far too many of them are critical of Israel and do not act in its best interests. Finally, liberal Jews are way too deferential to Obama and his Administration. Jews falling in these second and third groups can be categorized as aiding and abetting the current problem as they are adding fuel to the flames that are burning globally in the name of radical Islam.

Current events are so frightening that many people simply cannot identify with liberals and their points of view. That has helped create a deep divide in America. To the non-liberal, the malignant growth of radical Islam could not be any clearer. One need only turn on the daily news channel or read the national or international news reports to learn of the latest terrorist acts committed or attempted in the name of radical Islam. These gruesome acts spare no one and Jews and Christians are among the "infidels" being butchered solely because of their religion. To be perfectly clear, innocent people are being deliberately targeted for slaughter just because of their religious views. We are talking about intentional, cold-blooded murder committed by radical Islamists with no method of execution considered cruel and unusual punishment. Just because someone may choose not to acknowledge this for what it is, does not make it so. I believe that this is so clear-cut and beyond reproach that I will consider it established and indisputable fact and move on. There simply is no logical or rational way to argue otherwise.

How liberal Jews, or any liberals frankly, are able to filter this into something other than radical Islamic terrorism that poses an unjustified threat to freedom and innocent people is beyond my understanding. They do not voice any objections to innocent people, children among them, being targeted for death. Instead, despite statistics to the contrary, they are visibly and vocally concerned about Islamophobia. Yet, they are silent on terrorist acts in Israel and the rapid growth of global Anti-Semitism, both of which are supported by the evidence. They are strong advocates for rights of minorities, women and gays, abandon these groups to radical Muslim oppression and abuse. Nor do they object to radical Muslims specifically targeting Jews and Christians for murder. Liberal Jews who are active on a wide variety of issues, but choose to ignore the dangers posed to their Jewish brethren in Israel and globally, share responsibility for the fate of Israel and world Jewry. Those who choose to worry about phantom Islamophobia and naively fear insulting all Muslims by condemning radical Islam are even more complicit. Ignored is the fact that many innocent Muslims also are being killed by radical Islamic terrorists. These are the Jews who put the meaning in "While the Jews Slept".

But even worse are those liberal Jews who feel compelled to speak out against Israel. I do not know what motivates these Jews to act the way they do. What possesses a person, especially a Jew, to attack and denigrate a free and democratic country that, because it is surrounded by countries and people who do not want it to exist, has to struggle for its survival every single day? These same Jews are silent when one of Israel's terrorist enemies, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, launch rocket and missile attacks at Israeli civilians. It does not matter to these Jews that these unprovoked terrorist attacks are designed to inflict as many civilian casualties as possible. Liberal Jews are silent over the rash of Palestinian terrorist attacks targeting Jews in Jerusalem. They are not phased to learn of the major terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians being thwarted. They are not concerned that Israeli security forces need to be stationed by the Western Wall to prevent, not always successfully, aggression by arabs against Jews who are trying to pray there peacefully. They ignore all the benefits, freedom and rights offered by Israel even in these perilous and unsustainable times not only to Jews but to Christians, Muslims, Druze and others. They refuse to acknowledge that these people, even Muslims and arabs, have far more rights in Israel than in any Muslim country, especially when it comes to women and gays. Liberals Jews refuse to recognize or acknowledge the excessive and egregious human rights violations committed everywhere in the name of radical Islam. Instead, they jump on the United Nations' bandwagon and choose to censure Israel over many contrived allegations. I have a simple question. Why do they do it? They are irrational and delusional. And to be perfectly clear, they are the Jews who "Actually Aid and Abet" the enemy and also share responsibility for the fate of Israel and world Jewry.

To Diaspora Jews who are bold and brave enough to preach their sense of morals, ethics and values to Israeli Jews who face an existential risk and cannot let their guard down on any day of their lives, your behavior is dangerous and reprehensible. If you believe that there is room for improvement in Israel you should move to Sderot or another border town with Gaza or to Israel's northern border with Lebanon. Let's see how much you enjoy your new neighbors. Of course, as the Iranian supply of rockets and missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah become more and more sophisticated, you may not be able to find safety anywhere in Israel. It certainly will be more credible for you to promote Palestinian rights when you are living in Israel. So you can move to an area that borders the West Bank and push for a two-state solution from there. You might even want to advertise that you are a Jew and carry that message in Palestinian towns and villages where I have no doubt that you will be warmly accepted and welcomed. To those Israeli Jews who want to steer Israel to the far left, take it from an American Jew who has witnessed his own country make that journey, you are better off not fundamentally transforming your country. Radical views are bad, whether on the far left or far right.

Worst of all are the liberal Jews who denigrate Israel and are obsequious to Obama. These liberal Jewish aiders and abettors endanger Israel and world Jewry with their far-left views and play right into the hands of Obama and his radical and insidious views and policies. As if the world is not dangerous enough right now, we have an American president who sympathizes with militant Islamic terrorists, while disparaging Jews and Christians. The only way Obama could make this any more obvious would be for him to come out and say as much. Then again, he has previously stated that he would side with Muslims, but his rather clear statements were explained away by his supporters. Even if he was to make such statements today, based on the refusal of many liberals, Jews among them, to see or want to see what Obama is doing, it is apparent that they would once again dismiss his statements. Regardless, one hardly needs any outright admissions. Obama's actions and statements are alarmingly clear enough for any objective person. With the United States being Israel's only real ally, this is extremely worrisome.

Obama does not condemn radical Islamic terrorism. He even claims that the perpetrators of the violence are not Islamic, which is a blatant lie. The terrorists themselves will tell you as much. When he does say something negative about such terrorism, he lacks any emotion. It is as though he is doing us a favor by saying something about the horrific events and does not believe what he is saying. When Jews build houses in Israel, however, Obama passionately expresses his displeasure. Israel defending its civilians against Hamas terrorist attacks last summer also drew his ire. Obama and his Administration ridiculously tried to equate Israel's actions with those of Hamas. Instead of insisting that Hamas immediately cease its terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, he held Israel in contempt for defending its citizens even though it showed more restraint than was warranted or recommended under the circumstances. Obama's actions and statements towards Israel during its war with Hamas were shameful and blatant Anti-Semitism. Anyone who believes otherwise should explain the failure of Obama and his Administration to curb or condemn the civilian casualties in Yemen resulting from Saudi Arabia's bombing of the Houthi rebels in that country. Where is all of Obama's outrage? He must have exhausted it on Israel. Keep in mind that the Houthis are not targeting civilians in Saudi Arabia. I support the Saudis' objective of trying to combat radical Islamic terrorists on their doorstep, but it just makes Obama's anti-Israel position that much more apparent.

Is Obama someone to trust now when it comes to a potential deal with Iran over nuclear weapons? Absolutely not. Now, of all times, he is making it a priority to try to squeeze Israel into tighter borders. If the increasingly sophisticated rockets and missiles from Hamas and Hezbollah are not enough of a threat, it will be that much easier for a country with nuclear weapons to accomplish the stated goal of various Muslim countries of wiping Israel off the map. The reasonable position would be to support Israel in these times of peril. It does not have a partner for peace. Islamic terrorist groups are encroaching from all sides. There is unrest in the country from Palestinians. And Iran is on its way to ultimately obtaining nuclear weapons while threatening to annihilate Israel. Iranians chant death to America and Israel and its leader calls Obama and his Administration liars. But how does Obama react? He defends the "Supreme Leader" and fawns all over him. It is readily apparent that Iran knows it has a true partner in Obama who will continue to cave in to its demands, that is if he is allowed to get away with it. Fortunately, the U.S. Congress is trying to prevent Obama from being able to act unilaterally as it senses the same danger. Whether or not it is successful remains to be seen.

At the same time that Obama flatters Iran and its leaders, he continues to humiliate Israel and its Prime Minister. He once tried to mask these actions, but now he no longer bothers. It is quite disturbing. Yet, many liberal Jews, again including Jews who claim to identify with their Jewish roots and to care about Israel, continue to support Obama. The threats facing Israel and world Jewry today are too grave to condone this. It is not a coincidence that in trying to gain Jewish support, Obama and his Administration chose a group like J Street to appeal to and align with. Groups like this claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not speak for all Jews. But they act as if, with their extreme minority position and anti-Israel diatribes, they somehow do. They have no qualms, even knowing they have little support, of sucking up to Obama and pretending to represent American Jewry. They are prime Jewish "Aiders and Abettors".

Liberal Jews, like J Street and its ilk, are putting Israel and world Jewry in even greater danger than they otherwise finds themselves in now. It would be preferable if these Jews, who are aiding and abetting the strengthening of radical Islam at the expense of Israel and world Jewry, "slept" through these frightening times. For liberal Jews who currently are active in social issues, but are sleeping through the nightmare faced by Israel and world Jewry, please consider putting your passion, time, effort and resources toward Israel and other Jewish causes. With everything that stands against us, it would be nice to welcome these Jews to help fight for this righteous cause. We should be flooding the offices of our Congressmen and women asking, begging and demanding that they stand with Israel, which happens to be consistent with standing with the United States. We should be cognizant of the fact that it is the Republican Congressmen and women who today stand more united with Israel. We should thank them for their support. Times change and so do political parties. Today's far-left Democratic Party is not your grandfather's Democratic Party. Let's recognize them, J Street and the other anti-Israel, pro-Muslim and pro-Obama liberal Jews for the aiders and abettors they are.

Am Yisrael Chai.

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