Thursday, September 24, 2015

Loyal Allies

September 24, 2015

It would not be much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that somewhere along the way the leaders of Russia and Iran told Syrian President, Basher al-Assad, that they have his back. Perhaps they assured him that no options, including military options, were off the table. Now that the world appears to have accepted and moved on from the Iranian nuclear deal, Russia and Iran have proven to be loyal allies to Syria and Assad. President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, the rest of the deceitful Administration officials, Democrats and liberals should take note of what it means to be a loyal ally.

After the Iranian nuclear deal was agreed to in principle, Obama and Administration officials were hopeful that Russia and Iran would abandon their allies of Syria and Assad. As a slap in the face to the Administration, just the latest of many in the area of foreign policy, Russia and Iran have done the complete opposite by firming up their alliance with Syria, as well as Hezbollah. This includes moving sophisticated weapons and military bases into Syria. Russian and Iranian officials also have met to discuss and coordinate strategic options. They are clearly backing, not abandoning, their ally. We have gone from Obama's highly publicized red line bluff to Assad over the use of chemical weapons, to insisting that Assad must go, to redefining chemical weapons (which Assad continues to use), to now saying Russia and Iran could help the situation in Syria and Assad can stay on for some time. As if Obama, Kerry or the Administration, who have been totally ignored and rebuffed to this point, will have any say with Russia and Iran entrenched on Syrian soil (or sand). They will continue to hide behind the ruse that Russia and Iran can help in the fight against the Islamic State. I would not put it past Obama and the Administration to actually thank them for their help.

Obama and his Administration should learn from, of all countries, Russia and Iran, as to what it means to be a loyal ally. Having an ally's back? Check. Using military options? A big check. But Obama already knows this. Lying to Americans and Israelis, and abandoning Israel, is all part of his plan to fundamentally change the region and the world.

There are people, including liberal American Jews, who disagree with me. They choose to ignore the obvious, such as Obama's harsh treatment of Israel and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Or Obama's empowering the foremost state-sponsor of terrorism, Iran, including forcing through the terrible nuclear deal. It is not accurate to say that the deal was approved by Congress; rather it did not get enough Congressmen and women to reject it as almost all Democrats supported it while all Republicans, the strong majority by numbers, were against it. (Enough has been written on the difference between the voting requirements for treaties vs. presidential agreements and the Democrats' procedural maneuvers to prevent an actual vote in the Senate so I will not go into more detail here. Suffice it to say that Congress did not approve the deal.) The agreement will go into effect despite only having a 21% approval rating from the American public. The Obama and Hillary Clinton Russian "reset" has worked wonders, for Russia that is, consistent with Obama's hot mic comment meant to reassure Putin that he would have his back after the 2012 election was over. That has not worked out quite as well for Crimea or Ukraine.

But liberal Americans, including liberal Jews, will always give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Incredibly though, protecting his character and insisting that his intentions are pure are not enough. They insist that he knows what he is doing and that his policies are effective. I actually agree that he knows what he is doing; we just disagree as to who enjoys the benefits of his "effective" policies.

If Obama is acting in good faith, which is difficult for me to even write, then he is totally incompetent and ignorant. No matter how you slice it, however, his policies are dangerous to America and Israel. They have contributed to the upheaval in the Middle East, which is engulfed in death, destruction and turmoil as there are two competing caliphates, one of which belongs to Iran. Israel, America's true ally in the region no matter what Obama and liberal Democrats say or do, has come under increasing danger as it sits innocently in the midst of the chaos. Violence and death have increasingly encroached on its borders, beyond the threats from its everyday enemies. As if that was not enough, Obama has confirmed that his promises to Israel were false as he rammed through the Iranian nuclear deal, claiming to have the support of such stellar U.S. allies as Russia and China, in addition to the wonderful world body, the UN.

To make matters worse, Israel now has to deal with the alliance of Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah on its border with Syria. This is dangerous on many levels. For one, look at how successful or incompetent (depending on your point of view as to his intent) Obama has been in reversing decades of American foreign policy of limiting Russian influence, not to mention presence, in the Middle East. It is as if the Russian reset of Obama and Clinton is resetting Russia to a period of strength and undoing and undermining the successful accomplishments of President Reagan.

There also are the direct threats from Iran, which has openly vowed to annihilate Israel and wipe it off the map. Those threats will be louder now that they will be coming from an additional border. One can just sense the provocations to come. And what trouble is in store as a result of an honest error? What happens if Israel retaliates to an attack or provocation, but the impact of the response is felt by Russia? Or Iran? This will be a powder keg. Does anyone believe that Obama will have Israel's back? Or that he will use military options? To avoid this, Israel may feel it has to stand down and tolerate yet more Iranian aggression directed its way.

Is the world really a better place as a result of America leading from behind and America demonstrating weakness instead of its superpower might? For it apologizing for its past to the world instead of being a leader and proud of what it stands for? Despite what liberals and Democrats, which are now really synonymous, would have you believe, American weakness and leading from behind are the cause of much of the chaos in the world today. Even worse, we are rapidly going down an even more dangerous path, as the new evil alliance demonstrates.

Leading from behind really means letting other countries take the lead, even if they are the evil ones in the new alliance, and then weakening America even more by trying to clean up the mess. One of the flaws of Obama's ideology is that it hurts Americans. Obama and liberals, as seen in their governing of the United States and their treatment of Israel, do not lead with the best interests of the country they represent. Obama employs an ideology that promotes the interests of his preferred classes. That is why, for example, he is now contributing over $400 million to aid the Syrian refugee crisis. That will result in an overall amount of over $4.5 billion spent on this cause. He also is doing his best to help bring as many refugees as possible to the United States, while admitting that some may be terrorists and the proper vetting process will not be done. This is a far cry from putting the interests of Americans first. $4.5 billion could go along way to help our veterans, who are needlessly suffering, as well as fixing many of our social challenges. Obama's leading from behind ideology has resulted in America carrying the pail and shovel to clean up the world's messes. He has tried to force a pail and shovel into the hands of Israelis in favor of his preferred Palestinian class, but so far, thankfully, that has been unsuccessful overall. I'm afraid that the attempts will continue.

Let's suppose that another global superpower, China, joins the new evil alliance. Then what? This is not all that farfetched and would be disastrous for America and the world. But I would bet it comes as a surprise to Obama and his Administration, or at least that is how they will portray it. Again, if they are really not thinking about that, they are incompetent and will scramble and fall over themselves in trying to react to it, should, G-d forbid, it ever happen.

Hats off to the members of the new evil alliance who seem to understand what it means to be a loyal ally. Sad to say that they have given Obama, his Administration, Democrats and liberals a very public lesson. Whether they truly need it or not is a different story.

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