Sunday, September 20, 2015

More Democratic Division

September 10, 2015

Is it me, or does it feel as though we will never get out from under these two terms of office of President Obama? In his mission to weaken and divide the country and denigrate what it stands for, he has successfully sparked and promoted a war on our law enforcement.

It is apparent that it is open season on our law enforcement. This was a natural result of Obama's words and actions, as well as his silence and inaction, in response to multiple incidents involving black men and law enforcement, regardless of who was culpable. As violent protestors rioted, looted and burned cities, Obama sympathized with the criminals and condemned law enforcement in particular and white America more broadly for their alleged history and ongoing pattern of racism against blacks. As cities were engulfed in flames, and law enforcement was under attack, police officials were made to stand down.

As is typical and very predictable with Obama, it is his silence after ginning up dissension that helps embolden the enemies within. As outspoken as he is on his perceived racism by whites against blacks in this country, he is disgracefully silent on the war against law enforcement. We have seen Obama's heartfelt anger, hurt and respect for blacks involved in incidents with law enforcement, whether they were innocent or guilty. The lack of any outcry from him on the senseless, cold-blooded killings of innocent law enforcement personnel is painfully obvious and sends a loud and clear message to the criminal element of society. Again, this silence is very predictable as Obama himself helped launch this war. Look for Republican candidates to more forcefully pounce on this issue, which, despite Obama's silence and inaction, is a real problem.

Under Obama, Black Lives Matter, a real racist group, has flourished. The radical black group, the New Black Panthers, also has been empowered and emboldened. Both groups have openly threatened to murder cops. Shouldn't all Americans, particularly law enforcement personnel and their families, expect the President of the United States to unequivocally condemn such extremist views and their deadly consequences?

Interestingly, with the recent backlash and criticism of law enforcement, and with police personnel anxious about performing their jobs, there has been a dramatic escalation of violent crimes in many cities that have a large minority population. These cities are led by Democrats, many of whom are minorities themselves. Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington, D.C...apparently black lives do not matter in these cities when it comes to black-on-black violence.

It is not just Obama. Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, meekly and cowardly handed over his microphone to menacing members of Black Lives Matter during a recent speech, while trying to defend them. Another Democratic presidential candidate, Martin O'Malley, took what seemed to be a reasonable approach, saying that all lives matter when his forum was hijacked by Black Lives Matter. But he quickly showed his true colors of weakness by apologizing to the group and saying black lives matter. Can you imagine, apologizing for saying that white lives matter and all lives matter in addition to black lives matter? These are pathetic excuses for presidential candidates. And the fact that a radical hate group like Black Lives Matter can feel empowered and emboldened enough to disrupt the campaigns of Democratic presidential candidates and to threaten the Republican Party is deeply disturbing and alarming.

The Democratic National Committee recently tried, for some reason, to extend an olive branch to Black Lives Matter by passing a resolution in support of the group. The group, however, rebuffed the DNC's make nice attempt. Typical failure of DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who still maintains that she is very proud of the group. But why all this warmth and support for a hate group? What would happen if the Republican Party tried to reach out the same way to the KKK? Like the DNC, the liberal media, instead of condemning and denouncing the vile hate group, Black Lives Matter, has chosen to embrace it. Truly shameful.

Then of course there is Hillary Clinton. She chose to have a ridiculous philosophical debate with members of Black Lives Matter, but still sided with them. As the real war on law enforcement is growing, she refuses to recognize it. Instead, she is only capable of droning on about the war on women. And targeting highly paid CEOs. And raising taxes on the "wealthy" and "rich" in America. Or, in other words, yet more Democratic division of America. It is all the more appalling coming from one of America's biggest liars and hypocrites. At least, thankfully, it seems as though this robotic drone is crashing and burning.

Yet somehow, even with their radical, far-left positions, which directly contradict core values and principles of many Americans, these Democratic presidential contenders are polling well against the Republican presidential candidates. Not only has the Democratic Party changed, but, as is apparent now with two Obama victories and recent poll results, the country has changed as well. But it is precisely because the fundamental values and principles of so many Americans are being violated that the country and the current election campaign are so divided. Conservative Americans will not tolerate an open hunt on our men and women in law enforcement, whether they are black or white. Nor will they tolerate racism, whether white on black, or more accurately today with Black Lives Matter, black on white. In short, conservatives will not be fooled by the attempts, disguised or not, of the contemporary Democratic Party to divide the country.

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