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The Midnight Cowboy, the Black Belt and the Fox


March 22, 2015

Once again, actor Jon Voight, co-star of the 1969 classic film Midnight Cowboy, has spoken out in support of Israel. Mr. Voight has been an advocate of various Jewish causes over the years and he is a staunch supporter of both the Jewish people and Israel. So much so that people question whether he is Jewish. He is not. But his loyalty and dedication to the Jewish people and Israel are highly commendable. Most recently, he supported Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last week's Israeli elections. People support different candidates all the time, so this in and of itself was not so noteworthy. Rather, it was Mr. Voight's true sincerity, concern and respect for the Jewish people and Israel that is so admirable.

Mr. Voight obviously understands the danger that Israel and the Jewish community are facing worldwide. He appreciates the malevolent threats to them posed by radical Islam, global Anti-Semitism, and Obama and his Administration. He supported Israel during its war over the summer with Hamas, the radical Islamic terrorist group that rules the Palestinians in Gaza. At a time when much of Hollywood and Obama and his Administration were ignorantly disparaging of Israel, he responded strongly in defense of Israel. He has been highly critical of Obama and his Administration and, like many people, believes they are not acting in the best interests of America or Israel. It is against this backdrop that Mr. Voight's support of Prime Minister Netanyahu is so important and meaningful. He recognized that Mr. Netanyahu is the right person to lead Israel at this precarious time and was not afraid to say so.

Another actor and a martial arts expert, Chuck Norris, also backed Mr. Netanyahu in his election bid. Mr. Norris, like Mr. Voight, supported Mr. Netanyahu and Israel for the right reasons. He recognizes the same dangers and risks and is worried for the safety and security of Israel and the Israeli people. He too believes Mr. Netanyahu is the right man to lead the country and was not afraid to express his beliefs.

And then there is Fox News. While the anchors and reporters of other major U.S. news networks covered Mr. Netanyahu's victory as if they were attending a funeral, the anchors and reporters at Fox News did not. This is not surprising. The other major news networks, and the media overall,  pledge their unwavering allegiance to Obama. As Obama views Mr. Netanyahu and Israel as Public Enemy Number One, the liberal media has to follow suit. And they sure have. A leftist government in Israel would be far more palatable for them. Hence, their utter disappointment with Mr. Netanyahu's decisive victory. As Fox News personnel recognize and regularly report on the danger posed by radical Islamic terrorist groups, they, like Messrs. Voight and Norris, were not terribly disappointed to see Mr. Netanyahu win the Israeli election. In fact, their overall coverage of Israel and the rise of global Anti-Semitism is the total opposite of the other networks. It can be simply put as very pro-Israel and pro-Jew, which is in stark contrast to the other networks.

So what motivates the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox to speak out on behalf of Jews and Israel? I think they are doing what they truly believe is the right thing to do. To them and many other people, Public Enemy Number One is not the Jews or Israel. They recognize that today the biggest threat to humanity, including Jews, Christians and Muslims, is radical Islam. And this threat is viewed as being exacerbated, not curtailed or contained by, Obama and his Administration.

It is just about a daily occurrence now that innocent people are being murdered, maimed and tortured by any of a growing number of radical Islamic terrorist groups. Obama and his Administration do not seem to be concerned about these atrocities, and they refuse to even name the problem. We may be on the verge of entering into a cataclysmic nuclear deal with Iran, but Obama and his Administration do not tolerate any dissenting views, whether from the U.S. Congress or anxious leaders of allies. Instead, Obama and his Administration are apoplectic about the Israeli elections because Mr. Netanyahu tried appealing to his constituents. They cite his "racist" remarks in trying to get his supporters out to vote. Putting aside the fact that they are too dishonest to acknowledge that Obama has divided the United States by appealing overwhelmingly to his supporters while alienating many other Americans, they also choose to ignore why Mr. Netanyahu said what he did in appealing to his base. Apparently, it was perfectly acceptable for foreign groups, including one alleged to have ties to the Obama Administration, to go to Israel to influence the Israeli elections by urging minorities to show up at the polls and vote against Mr. Netanyahu. Mr. Netanyahu noted the campaigning efforts against him by these foreign groups, which included some Islamists, and asked his constituents to make sure they voted as well. A good portion of the minorities included Israeli Arabs. Of course, Mr. Obama and his Administration would love to see Israeli Arabs in the majority in Israel so that there would not be any Jewish state, but Israel is and always will be a Jewish state, notwithstanding the best efforts to the contrary of Obama and his Administration.

Obama and his Administration also were enraged by Mr. Netanyahu's statement before the election that he no longer could support a two-state solution with the Palestinians. Obama and his minions prefer to ignore the fact that, as Mr. Netanyahu explained, Israel does not have a partner for peace. They pretend it is all the fault of Israel. Mr. Netanyahu also explained that the region is far too volatile now and any void resulting from a full break of Israeli ties with the West Bank would very likely be filled by Islamic extremists, posing a grave danger to Israel. Although this is a perfectly reasonable position and is simple common sense given what is taking place in the region, reasonableness and common sense are irrelevant to Obama and his lackeys. And that should not be surprising based on their abandonment of Israel in connection with the proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

Mr. Netanyahu's statements were very convenient for Obama and his Administration. They immediately set the course to develop a new strategy for their ties with Israel and refused to accept any clarification or explanation from Mr. Netanyahu. Again, in this upside down world of Obama and his Administration, Mr. Netanyahu, Jews and Israel are the bad guys, not the radical Islamic terrorists and not Iran, the biggest enemy of the United States for years. Because they know that good and bad have been flipped upside down, the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox support Mr. Netanyahu, Jews and Israel.

One other thing is for sure. Messrs. Voight and Norris and personnel at Fox News certainly do not support the Jewish community because of how they are treated in turn by Jews, particularly liberal American Jews. Liberal American Jews for some reason prefer to continue to support Obama and his Administration. Why is it that I can relate much more to the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox than to my fellow American Jews (those that are liberal)? Liberal American Jews, many of whom claim to love Israel, constantly complain about Fox News. Leftist American and Israeli media outlets had harsh things to say about Messrs. Voight and Norris. Every time Obama and his Administration take an additional punitive action against Jews or Israel, I tell myself that now, finally, liberal American Jews will get it, they will see and understand what really is going on. But not to be. I am continually disappointed. And because they continue to support Obama, they stick by the liberal domestic media outlets that are in Obama's pocket. Media outlets that constantly bash and degrade Israel. Why do they blindly follow Obama? What, if anything, will it take to make them see the light?

Do these Jews really think that Israel and its Jews are the evil ones and the Palestinians and radical Muslims are the good ones? Do they understand the difference between right and wrong? Do they know or care to know about the history of the Holy Land, from Biblical times, to the creation of the modern state of Israel, to present day? When has modern day Israel ever had a true partner for peace with any Palestinian leaders? Did these Jews ever study the Shoah? Do they see the risks that the worldwide Jewish community in general and Israel in particular face today? Do they see any similarities to the Shoah? Why is Obama and his Administration silent on, even dismissive of, the terrorism committed by Palestinians in Israel, most recently in Jerusalem, and the rapid growth of worldwide Anti-Semitism? He also is silent on the atrocities committed in the name of fundamental Islam. But he is outspoken and critical of Jews trying to live a normal, peaceful life in Israel and is outraged because he believes Israel is a racist country. Do liberal Jews really believe that in their hearts? Which country in the region offers more rights and opportunities to minorities, women, homosexuals...the list can go on and on? In what Muslim countries do Jews hold senior political positions? Which countries is Israel looking to conquer or assert its influence through aggression? Which countries does Israel threaten to wipe off the map. Which countries does it indiscriminately shoot rockets and missiles into, trying to inflict maximum civilian casualties? Did unilaterally and unconditionally giving Gaza to the Palestinians help or hurt Israel? Did Israel have a true peace partner then? Do they now? Did the international community support Israel after they relinquished control of Gaza and faced increased terrorist attacks as a thank you? Who is currently a bigger ally to Israel, Obama or El-Sisi, the leader of Egypt? And last, but not least, do these Jews ever study the Torah? These are but a mere fraction of the similar type of questions that could be asked. Hopefully, the point is made. Liberal Jews in America and worldwide should ask themselves these questions and answer them honestly. I do not know how they would be able to answer them honestly and knowledgeably and still stick to their current positions. Israel is faced with an existential threat every day. We should not, we must not, take its survival for granted.

Liberal Jews worldwide, and particularly in the United States, need to stop acting irresponsibly. Israel has its hands full with its enemies, and there are more than enough of them to go around. It does not need the constant critical introspection from liberal Jews. Now is a very important time in our history, the history of the Jewish people and Israel. This should not be taken lightly. Liberal Jews should do some soul searching of their own and determine where they stand. It is far too easy for them to claim that they support Israel while having the right to complain about it unmercifully. They really need to think about what their complaints entail. Do they outweigh the risks Israel now faces from a potential nuclear-armed Iran, fundamental Islamic terrorist groups and a hostile United States president and administration? Are the damage and danger caused by these complaints to Jews caught in the fire of rising global Anti-Semitism worth it? Are there no better, more just causes to champion, such as stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons or IS from slaughtering innocent people? These liberals, all Jews actually, should memorialize where they stand. Are they full of passion and emotion in support of Israel or do they want to continue to jump on the worldwide bandwagon and sit with the other passengers, including Obama, who want to tear it down? I, as a Jew, an American Jew, stand with Messrs. Voight and Norris and Fox News in total support of Israel, Israelis and worldwide Jewry. I love America, but I do not trust or support Obama or his Administration. Here it is in writing.

All Jews should come together at this time in support of their brothers and sisters in Israel and around the globe. There needs to be more unified leadership and a more unified community. Various Jewish organizations should come together now to address these pressing issues. I am afraid that not every Jew will be on the side I have chosen, but the ones that are, that truly support Israel and understand the existential threat it faces, should devote themselves to the cause in any and every way possible.

I would like to close by thanking the Midnight Cowboy, Black Belt and Fox for their continued support of Jews and Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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  1. Yoel , great article, and I agree with what you wrote.

    Good point regarding liberal Jews ( mainly in the US), hope they will be more responsible next time.