Sunday, March 29, 2015

Obama Hype and Tripe

March 26, 2015

It is very painful for me to listen to President Obama when he speaks. I can barely stomach just about anything that he has to say. The lies, the deceit, the arrogance. It is all Obama tripe. But I try to force myself to listen to him in an attempt to understand what he is thinking and predict what devious actions he has planned for us next. As difficult as this is for me, I know that it is important because I see him destroying America in his self-proclaimed desire to fundamentally transform the country. So suffer I do in trying to tolerate listening to this lying narcissist. It is when he uses two of his most arrogant platitudes, however, that I lose the battle and throw in the towel. Obama, who obviously dislikes America and vows to change it, and who has severely divided our citizens in trying to do so, has the nerve to preach on behalf of the country that his actions are always "the right thing to do" and demonstrate to the world that "that is who we are". Mr. President, your twisted, upside down and frightening views of America and the world will never allow you to tell me what is right and what is wrong, or to define our great country.

Obama, in fact, is an expert at doing the wrong thing and does not like who we really are. The true America does not lead from behind. America leads. Period. We do not treat our best allies and their leaders as our worst enemies and our worst enemies and their leaders as our best friends. The president of this great country should not be bowing and apologizing to the leaders of hostile regimes while humiliating the leaders of our allies, especially based on his ideological beliefs. Enabling our worst enemy and the world's foremost state-sponsor of terrorism to become a nuclear power is not the right thing to do. Americans are proud of this nation's history no matter how much Obama and his Administration try to retell, rewrite and recast it to their liking.

Continually reassuring your ally that you have its back and then putting a knife in it is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

Facilitating the establishment of a savage and uncivilized Islamic caliphate (two opposing forces are actually competing to see which will be successful), and allowing violent radical Islamic terrorists to run rampant around the globe, is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

The wars on women and wages, contrary to popular liberal misconception, are not our biggest threats. Fighting real wars through social media will not make up for decimating our military branches, which are at their lowest operating levels in decades. Tweeting and texting will not save us from our enemies. Being weak is not who we are.

We have a constitutional framework upon which this country was built. Having a president govern as if he is a dictator and shunning the other branches of government is not who we are. We do not go to the United Nations in lieu of Congress, particularly to approve a nuclear deal with the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world. Our members of Congress have been elected by and represent the American people. We all have a right to know what is contained in the agreement, before it is too late. We do not care what the prejudicial or discriminatory United Nations says or does.

We cherish our First Amendment rights. To silence and intimidate those who disagree with the radical liberal views of Obama and his Administration is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

Our right to bear arms is governed by the Second Amendment. To try to abolish this right of average Americans while allowing weapons to be supplied to Mexican drug cartels and left uncontrolled in the hands of domestic gangs is not the right thing to do and is not who we are.

As we have painfully learned from our past, dividing the country along racial, gender and economic lines is not the right thing to do. Nor is constantly playing the race card. We support and are proud of our law enforcement and we certainly do not find them guilty without due process of the law. No amount of pressure from the far-left U.S. media should ever change that.

We support and are proud of our military personnel. When their families are threatened on our soil by radical Islamic terrorists, we come to their defense. We do not warn them to be careful and hang them out to dry on their own. Of course, the right thing to do is first acknowledge that we are at war with radical Islam and not Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. Showing our vets our appreciation through a campaign of neglect and ignorance is the wrong thing to do and is not who we are.

Abandoning our ambassador and other embassy personnel in Libya, or any other foreign country, to be massacred by Islamic terrorists and then lying about what caused it is not the right thing to do nor is it who we are.

We need an honest and impartial attorney general that is willing to fight against corruption, regardless of the political party involved. Had we had that, it is very likely that more than one of the frequent Administration scandals, such as the VA, Benghazi and IRS scandals, would have had consequences. Instead, we reward and promote those involved in the scandals. That is not the right thing to do, nor is that who we are. Our government agencies are meant to be kept independent and separate, not to target and punish the Administration's "enemies", who are considered to be anyone who disagrees with Obama.

Having the government usurp the traditional role of parents is not the right thing to do. The government has repeatedly proven that they do not know what is best when it comes to most matters. Responsible parents generally know what is best for their kids. The nanny state is not who we are. Stay out of our lives.

Freeing five hard core radical Islamic terrorists in return for an army deserter, while letting a well-respected marine guilty only of making a wrong turn into Mexico languish in a Mexican prison is not who we are. And just to educate Obama and his Administration, desertion does not mean serving with honor and distinction.

We are a nation of laws. Illegal immigration is illegal. It is not that difficult to understand. Again, the president is not king in our country. He cannot change laws without going through Congress. Instead, it is the duty of the president to protect Americans, not illegal immigrants. Secure the border already. There is too much risk of infiltration by terrorists to be so willing to sacrifice the security of our people. That is the right thing to do.

Health care is a privilege, not a right. Passing laws without knowing what they say or mean is not the right thing to do. Making false claims and promises resulting in some people obtaining insurance coverage at the expense of others also is not the right thing to do. I do not want to nor should I have to pay for anyone else's birth control. An inept rollout of the new program is not a good reflection of who we are.

We are not a communist or socialist country. In fact, that is absolutely who we are not. Those  Americans who pay taxes are continually redistributing their wealth. Having half of the country pay taxes to support the other half who do not pay any taxes is not sustainable and is not the right thing to do. Viewing the half that does not pay anything as somehow "paying their fair share", while those who do pay as not "paying their fair share", more Obama tripe, is as backwards as Obama's foreign policy. Americans should be motivated to work hard and better themselves and their families. It is not a crime to be successful. Instead, we are incentivizing Americans to stay home and have other Americans support them.

Continuous spending and burying our kids in debt is not the right thing to do. Where does all that money go anyway? Fraud is illegal and we have a rapidly growing problem in our country. Why not crack down on those criminals? We should not tolerate wasteful spending. Why not stop it?  Why not do the right thing and combat those obvious problems instead of continuously robbing from hard-working Americans?

Taking all of the credit for something good and blaming your predecessor for all of your own mistakes is not the right thing to do.

Swearing transparency and then operating in fog and clouds is not the right thing to do.

We need a media that is honest and truthful. Not one that supports everything that Obama and his Administration do and covers up for their lies and scandals. If and when we return to that, then that will be who we are. Given the distorted liberal views and bias of most of our media today, I am not very optimistic. At the same time, American universities are indoctrinating our kids with their far-left beliefs. Political correctness has been taken to the extreme and jeopardizes the fabric and security of America.

Obama, as the President of the United States, certainly has more of a right to speak on behalf of the country than I do. Unlike Obama though, I am not arrogant enough to pretend to be speaking on behalf of the entire nation as I admit that there are many people who will disagree with my beliefs. But I do know that there are many people who share my vision and who would love to see America fundamentally transformed back into what it was before Obama was the one to determine what is "the right thing to do" and define "who we are". It is for these like-minded Americans who also love and are proud of this country that I hope I have spoken for.

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