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The 1930's, the 1940's and 2015

March 1, 2015

Look at the above date. We are now already in March of 2015. Wow, how
time flies. In fact, it is a little over 82 years since adolf hitler
came to power in Germany. So what? Why raise that? After all 82 is not
even a common commemorative number like 75 or 85. Putting such
niceties aside, I am raising it because I believe Jews worldwide have
not been in this much danger since the terrible times of the 1930s and
1940s, times which included the Holocaust and World War II. In fact, I
see these times as eerily reminiscent of the 1930s, leading up to and
with hitler's rise to power. There are certainly differences and the
players have changed. Then it was hitler and Nazi Germany and today it
is fundamental or radical Islam. But the similarities are striking.

Look carefully at the vitriol being spewed at college campuses against
Jews and Israel, mostly by Muslims. These hate speech campaigns have
been described as vicious and intimidating and Jews on these college
campuses are scared and concerned for their safety. This hate speech
is coming from professors and students alike. As important, look at
where this is happening, in America. Yet this is mostly ignored, even
though it is a growing phenomenon and is targeted against a specific
minority group. If this dangerous behavior (even to a much lesser
degree) was aimed at Muslims or blacks in this country, no one can
deny that Obama and his Administration, and the media, would be
handling it with the attention it deserves. hitler had strong
supporters in the universities, likewise from both professors and
students. They too used the universities as a setting to persecute

Today, as was the case in the 1930s and 1940s, Jews and the free world
face a common savage enemy striving for world domination. The
murderous thugs associated with hitler and Nazi Germany have been
replaced by fundamental or radical Islam terrorists.  As was the case
then, Europe is guilty of both stimulating the problem and
Anti-Semitism. It was easy enough to see the natural European hatred
for Jews and Israel this summer at pro-Palestinian demonstrations
across Europe while Israel was defending itself from unprovoked
attacks aimed at its civilians by the radical Islamic terrorist group
Hamas. At the same time, the silence has been deafening from Europeans
in response to the numerous terrorist attacks targeting Jews in
various European countries. We are very quietly at the point, as we
were with Nazi Germany, where Jews have to fear for their safety in
vast parts of Europe solely because of the fact that they are Jews.
Inventions to make kippas out of hair so that they blend in with the
scalp and hopefully go unnoticed, making sure there are sufficient
security details to protect Jews in schools and synagogues, and making
sure to stay in certain areas while avoiding others (not exactly like,
but in some ways similar to, ghettos) are not very encouraging. Yet,
the concern that the Europeans seem focused on is to make sure that
all the terrorist acts committed by fundamental Islamists do not lead
to Islamophobia. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been
criticized by some for encouraging Jews, in the wake of these
terrorist attacks, to emigrate to Israel. Interestingly, the criticism
has focused on the need for Jews to be pro-Europe, as if Jewish
loyalty to Europe should trump Jewish safety and painful lessons
learned of past Jewish loyalty to Europe. One of the great things
about Israel is it offers a safe haven to any and all Jews, something
that tragically was not available during the Holocaust. Now that Jews
have a safe haven, they are criticized for it. I believe the real key
is to make sure that Israel stays a safe haven for all Jews. In cannot
be considered a safe haven though if it faces a severe existential

Unfortunately, one of the primary differences between the 1930s and
1940s and now doesn't bode well for Jews and that is the role of the
United States. Or at least of its President and his Administration.
For all of the negative commentary on FDR, much of it deserved, about
how he treated the Jews during the Holocaust and World War II, at
least he was on the right side. I do not believe the same can be said
for President Obama.

Obama has repeatedly let his actions clarify his statement that "he
would stand with the Muslims". (His supporters have argued that his
use of these words is vague.) He is succeeding in his promise of
"fundamentally transforming America". Ironically, hitler himself, in
Mein Kampf, provided a blue print of what he planned to do and that
too was largely ignored. Look at who Obama surrounds himself with. One
example is Valerie Jarrett, his senior adviser, who is Iranian-born
and, like Obama, has pro-Muslim policies and philosophies. Let's also
examine what has happened under Obama's watch. Most importantly, Iran
may be on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons capabilities, over
time. IS is savagely trying to obtain a Muslim caliphate. The entire
Middle East and Africa are upside down and chaotic because of
fundamental Islamic terrorists groups, which have been proliferating.
Fundamental Islamic terrorist attacks also have increased in other
parts of the world, including Europe. And we have a President who is
not willing to acknowledge or admit the truth. He doesn't even say the
words fundamental or radical Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, Obama
and his minions are feeding us with spurious arguments while the plain
truth for all, even the blind, to see is that we and our allies,
including Israel, are at war with radical Islam. Even the radical
Islamists say as much and, in fact, they insist that that is the case.

Instead of waging a real war against radical Islamists, we have a
president that most recently met with the Emir of Qatar, Al-Thani, and
couldn't stop praising him or his country. As with other questionable
Muslim leaders, Obama treated Al-Thani with dignity and respect. Obama
touted why our arms deal with Qatar makes so much sense. He
conveniently left out the fact that Qatar is one of the larger state
sponsors of terrorism and has supported various terrorist groups,
including Hamas, Al-Qaeda and possibly IS. Obama openly supported the
terrorist Muslim Brotherhood before, during and after they came to
power in Egypt and has eschewed the more moderate government that
fortunately overthrew that terrorist regime. How many times has the
current Egyptian leader Al-Sisi been invited to the White House? I
suspect his extraordinary speech on the threat of radical Islam has
not earned him any brownie points with Obama and his Administration.

How has Obama and his Administration handled prior terrorist attacks?
In America, they have been labeled as work place violence. For Obama
supporters who claim we haven't been "hit" on his watch, don't tell
that to those runners who were in the Boston Marathon or their
families and friends. Yet you didn't see any emotion from Obama when
that happened. No, those are not the types of events that elicit his
emotions. More recently, either because he surrounds himself with
people who live in a fantasy world or think Americans are stupid (or
both), we have heard nonsensical claims that what is happening is the
result of a lack of jobs for Muslims and that we are safer now than we
have been in years and years and years. Also, that we need to combat
terrorist threats with tweets. And these people actually are able to
say these things with a straight face.

Also under Obama's watch, Vladimir Putin has been given a free hand
and has stepped up his aggression. For now, against Ukraine, but we
will see what follows. Just as he is not supplying arms to Kurdish and
other fighters to be used against IS, Obama is not providing any aid
to Ukraine despite all their pleading. Russia also is becoming
increasingly active again in the Middle East. So, under Obama, we have
a reset with Russia. In other words, Obama has reset or unwound the
gains achieved by Ronald Reagan.

More immediate for Jews and Israel though is Obama's alliance with
radical Islam. The direct consequence of this is to expose Israel to
an alarming level of risk as it does not have an ally in the President
of its best and biggest allied country, America. Hard to believe, but
Israel is actually finding better allies with the leaders in Egypt and
some other Arab countries. These countries, aside from having concerns
of their own with terrorism, fear Iran and its mission to obtain
nuclear weapons capabilities. This is the threat, above all others,
that Israel and the entire free world need to fear. Iran is the
largest sponsor of terrorism and everyone should listen to its threats
and understand the religious beliefs and aspirations of its
fundamental Islamic rulers. Look at the savage, uncivilized, terrorist
activities taking place today. Iran would be able to directly use its
nuclear weapons or use one of its terrorist wings as its proxy, much
as it does today. It is unthinkable what would happen if they obtained
nuclear weapons.

Recognizing the existential threat a nuclear advanced Iran poses to
Israel and the entire free world, one would expect a warm and open
welcome to the Prime Minister of Israel to address Congress and all
Americans (and the rest of the world should be listening in). Instead,
shamefully, Obama and his Administration have tried to make Israel and
Mr. Netanyahu public enemy number one. This is truly disgraceful, but
totally consistent with a President and his Administration that are so
pro-Muslim and ant-Israel. Is one to really believe that an issue of
protocol legitimizes the shameful reaction of the President, his
Administration and some Congressional Democrats? When one looks at how
Obama and his Administration have repeatedly humiliated Mr. Netanyahu,
the Prime Minister of one of America's biggest allies in the world and
our only dependable ally in the Middle East, it is easy to understand
why Mr. Netanyahu accepted the invitation of the Republicans in
Congress. They too want to hear what Mr. Netanyahu has to say. If we
are going to get hung up on protocol, it bears mentioning that the
United States has for years asked Israel and Mr. Netanyahu not to take
action against Iran. But now all of a sudden as a bad deal is looming,
and even leading up to this point, Obama and his Administration have
had no problem shutting out Israel and Mr. Netanyahu. If they were
open-minded and a real ally, wouldn't they want to hear from Mr.
Netanyahu? What are they scared of? Actually, the timing is terrible
for them as it puts the spotlight on the deal with Iran that may be
close to becoming final. Talks of a "sunset" provision in the deal
that would allow Iran to have a nuclear weapons program over time will
not sit well with Congress or Mr. Netanyahu. Perhaps that is why Obama
and his lackeys are causing such a fuss over Mr. Netanyahu bringing
some much needed attention to this issue. This is a President after
all who has just announced that he will veto the Congressional bill if
presented to him that would allow Congress to weigh in on the deal
with Iran. No, the king knows best in the fundamentally transformed
America that now has only one branch of government. You see, in the
old America, the one that never made Obama or his wife proud, Congress
was an equal branch of government and had every right to invite a
foreign leader, especially of an ally, to address it on a common
existential threat.

The risk of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons also parallels a similar
risk in World War II. There was a very important race to get the
"bomb" and fortunately the U.S. beat Nazi Germany in that race. It
would have been a very different war and likely outcome if Germany was
successful. It will be a game changer for America, Israel, Europe and
the entire world if Iran or any fundamental Islamic country or
terrorist group obtains nuclear weapons. Mr. Netanyahu understands
this. Most in Congress understand this. I worry that Obama fully
understands this as well. Let Mr. Netanyahu speak and listen to what
he says. He will tell you that this is a game changer that can not be
allowed to happen. And he will be absolutely correct. What is the harm
with that?

For those American Jewish leaders who think it is better to stand idle
and keep quiet, to be supportive of the country's leader and to hope
to get by until he is out of office, they should learn from the
experience of German Jewish leaders immediately before and after
hitler came to power. Assuming he leaves office when he is scheduled
to (under rules in America before it was being fundamentally
transformed), he can still do an incredible amount of damage. I'm
afraid that is what is in store for this country. Unlike Nazi Germany,
Americans have shown, at least in some ways, that they are not as
tolerant to having a dictator. Look how divided this country has
become. The Republican-controlled Congress better be prepared to step
up. They are going to have a continuous fight on their hands for the
foreseeable future.

Having the tragic and painful history of the Holocaust to learn from,
why don't many American Jews see this ominous threat? And even if it
is resolved satisfactorily, there is no denying that it is still a
huge threat. They should, at least for the moment, put aside their
passion for righting all of their perceived social injustices in this
country and stand together for a united Jewish cause. If nothing else,
they should ask themselves what is the harm in letting Mr. Netanyahu
speak on such an important existential issue to their brothers and
sisters in Israel, assuming they want to ignore the threat to
themselves here in America? Why is he the villain and not the largest
terrorist regime on earth? Please, let's not be blind to the lessons
of our tragic past. Call your Congressmen and let's stand together as
one as Jews and for Israel.

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